Xposed: Ten Years of the Art of Artemis Sere


On 7.7.17 Artemis Sere will have existed as a concept, practice and persona for ten years. Artemis Sere is a pseudonym — part Greek God, part acronym, all artist.


Over the course of the next week leading up to the observation of 10 years of my Art under the Sere moniker, I will be publishing and promoting a series of blogs that cover the recent history, highlights and future of the artist Artemis Sere — poet, philosopher, publisher, photographer, pixelfiend, painter, creator and imagineer.
Here is the list of upcoming blogs:
  • Part 1: A Union of Storms
  • Part 2: Method and Purpose
  • Part 3: Obscurious Rising
  • Part 4: The Alien Within
  • Part 5: Xenomorphine
  • Part 6: The Dirge
  • Part 7: Becoming the Cacophony
  • Part 8: Defining Night (by Darkness)
Watch for these blogs, and please join in the celebration of the Art of Artemis Sere by engaging with me in social spaces. 
Thank you for supporting the Art of Artemis Sere.

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