Xoterica 2: The Wheel

End one, begin another. The days seem to cycle swiftly at present. A veritable blur between today

and yesterday.

Own your hours. It's catchy wisdom but difficult in practice. Most of us are chained to the wheel of servitude, rather than productive autonomy.

What would you do if you had no one to answer to? Who would you be if time was completely yours?

The machines will deliver humanity that question someday. They'll do what we can, only better. Humanity will eventually phase it's pure self off the assembly line. Too fragile, too resource-intense,

Too late. The wisdom of all the ages and sages can't fix the flaws of the human creature. Yeah, it's pessimistic, but it's true: just look at the imperfect people we elect and direct to be our leaders.

Certainly, that's the case in the U.S. right now with Drumpf. He does not lead by example; he leads by the terroristic threat of "firing" people. Or at them, as is the case with regimes around the world with or in which we have conflicts, like North Korea and Afghanistan.

War is good business, and business is good.

Own your hours. When you live in constant fear, they tend to own you. In a sense, our king-president owns us now more than he ever did when he was running flashy casinos or starring in soulless shows.

The terrain is different but the terms are the same: we live in the age of the American tyrant.

America-first thinking is egotistical narscicism at it's finest. Gone are the altruistic and heroic positions of yesterday; Enter unquestionable nationalism and a regression from decency and an honorable place as a trusted world leader.

#humanfirst is the focus we should have. Instead of bullying and building tall walls to keep people out, we should create faster roads for them to come in, even if they aren't citizens. They serve a purpose and keep the wheel moving, as deserving of a shot at stability as you and I have had.

Leaders should live humbly, not inhumanely.


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