NEW Xoterica Blog Series Page Released

A few years ago I created the "Xoterica" Blog Series to channel my craziness into a specific outlet. The series features some of my most aggressive, contemplative, and edgy content.

Each Xoterica blog echoes my raw truth, and questions much of our current reality, culture, and humanity.

The full series is now available on a new Series page that I recently built. You can find the full Xoterica Blog Series by clicking here, or on the image below.

I will create Series pages for a few other common strings that are woven throughout the Artrovert Blog, such as annual "Best of" album lists and my "Xposed" blog series (which I didn't release fully in 2017, but will be working on over the next year). More to come.

As the blogs were created at different times over the last few years, and in different Wordpress themes across iterations of this website, some of the formatting may be a bit wonky. I'm working on cleaning up the Series formatting as well so it has a consistent experience. 

Thanks for reading the Artrovert blog!


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Xoterica Blog Series

4 Replies to “NEW Xoterica Blog Series Page Released”

  1. It is really great to hear your voice in the world again! I personally align all the way with the ideas you express. Thanks for continuing to share – the human world needs a voice like yours to keep us awake, alive and on fire! Keep on keepin’ on, man 😉

    1. Thank you so much, my friend. Thank you for continuing to believe in me and inspire me to stay with it. I deeply appreciate your faith in me and my art, especially aligning with my voice and being a champion of what I’m trying to do. You rock, EJ!

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