Xoterica 12: The Return

An artist’s expression is his soul made apparent. Behind every motion, the music of his soul is made visible.” (Lee)

It has been a long time since I published a new blog; last year’s birthday, to be exact. Shame on me for not keeping up with the times and the tides. That’s not to say that I haven’t been busy during the #yearoftheseretic — just that I haven’t been using this platform to tell my story, rage against the world, and move the Sere brand forward. There are few in my audience that are consistently listening without prompt or payoff, either financial or personal, so I haven’t felt compelled to blog much. But I have strayed from the true purpose of this platform — highlight the continuing story of the life and art of Artemis Sere.

Truth be told, for much of 2018 I have exploring the path of the #Seretic — the sentient artist existing, observing, and reporting from the fringes of humanity and reality, employing the findings as fuel for personal and artistic evolution. Through this exploration, I plan to elaborate more on the seretic concept in the future. However, the present dutifully calls.

The Trumpeter’s Mess

The reality of the last two weeks featured America at it’s darkest and worst — the united states of madness, devolving since 2016:

  • King Drumpf held televised Court with a red-hatted, snake-tongued, wild-eyed Jester (Kanye West) who set racism and progress back by a century or so. (Incidentally, if Kanye West has his own “Yeezy Effect”, is that pronounced “YAY-easy”, as his first name features, or “Yeeeeeezy”, which has no relation to the pronunciation of his given name — if that is actually his real name, not just a pseudonym?)
  • The US Senate hired a rapist, white male-privilege judge for the US Supreme Court, despite truthful testimony from damaged women around their foul treatment at the hands of Kavanaugh. His hiring reinforces why we need term limits for Supreme Court judges. No job should be a lifetime appointment, especially when it deals with the ever-changing laws of the land that evolve as the human experience of the USA does.
  • Melania Trump hit back at women by saying “she’s the most bullied person in the world” and “that women should have to prove sexual assault with evidence”, immediately empowering the evil acts of the legion of good ol’ boys across the USA. Sadly, the champion of the bad grammar “Be Best” program continues the Drumpf family practice of diminishing sexual assault and reinforcing King Drumpf’s locker room brotherhood.
  • Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 hurricane, attacked the Gulf Shore of the United States and is presently swinging up into the Carolinas, which is recovering from its own catastrophe at the hands of Florence, which hit three weeks ago. As the storm raged to shore and Americans clung for their lives, Drumpf and Ye merrily met in the White House to talk about alternate realities, how red caps can double as Superman capes, and how the important 13th Amendment needs to be abolished. It was less about progress and more about the ego boost of two men who have no business in the Oval Office, much less the respect of overall Americans.
  • And Saudi Arabia murdered a Washington Post journalist in Istanbul. Once a proponent of Saudi leadership and a proud citizen of Saudi Arabia, Jamal Khashoggi spoke out against the bad politics and brutal direction of Saudi Arabia. He was lured to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey with the promise of safety to get a marriage license for he and his fiance. Within hours, he was reportedly murdered and dismembered by a Saudi squad of assassins, under the direction of Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who is a friend and ally of King Drumpf.

And that’s all in a matter of weeks, a snapshot of what has become of 2018 — chaos, bloodshed, divisiveness and regression. It is hard for me to not pay attention to politics and the trends of our societies. Having grown up in Europe, I have a different point of view on my American homeland than nationalists who have never explored beyond the golden shores of the USA. I am a Globalist, a core and foundational position of being a Humanist. I don’t judge by gender or color or culture or ethnicity or geography; I don’t judge, period.

Divided As One

I am committed to helping us all evolve — that means stepping away from the stances that isolate us and widens our division, and coalescing closer as a creature. Though the Earth has provided us natural borders, we have drawn the lines on the map that separate us into tribes and cults and states and republics and countries. The music of this soul is unity, and that should be the harmony we all observe. Yet, we still revere kings and queens, monarchies and oligarchies, superstars and shallow artists.

We the People are our own worst enemy, deafened by the shrill voices of the cacophony, numbed and dumbed

by the will of villainy.

I cannot stay silenced. Atheists and true artists (not jesters and fools) are slaughtered daily for what they stand for by the affluent, the affronters and the religiously afflicted.

We are divided as one.


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