Xenomorphous Laws (51-75)

The “Xenomorphous Laws” are scattered thoughts about this blog in relation to my second book “Xenomorphine” (The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book2). I hope these are as wise as they are entertaining.

Xenomorphous Laws (51-75)

51. Synthetics are a circular non-cure.

52. Bounce.

53. Let go, before the rope burn causes scarring.

54. Listen to your demons; they’ve weathered more than any angel has.

55. Don’t get caught in the web.

56. Patrol your heart.

57. Often, regression is progression.

58. Couth and tact are the tools of the nimble lockpick.

59. Follow the worms, for the know where to burrow.

60. Don’t veer too far from innerspace if you can’t take the cold.

61. Flesh will eventually fail you; that does not mean you are a failure.

62. Live now, not later.

63. The vain need plastic to maintain their mannequin lives.

64. Find balance, even if the search introduces turbulence.

65. Harmony results from synchronicity–a constant compromise between waves, hearts and minds.

66. Control your erosion.

67. We began with one language, and will return to common conversation someday.

68. We face wars from within and without; we must exist as one to survive the onslaught.

69. Force retreat of the armies that have massed before you with confidence, focus and flame.

70. We are all shades and hues of the same spectrum.

71. No love is perfect.

72. Life has only one, true deadline.

73. Waste your time, and time will waste you. And bury you and help write your obituary.

74. A push-up a day keeps Atropos away.

75. An open book speaks to an open world.

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