Xenomorphous Laws (22-50)

The “Xenomorphous Laws” are scattered thoughts about this blog in relation to my second book “Xenomorphine” (The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book2). I hope these are as wise as they are entertaining.

Xenomorphous Laws (22-50)

22. Exorcise the superfluous.

23. Avoid the extremes. I’ve been too skinny and too fat and neither are worth the swing.

24. Connect the dots inside; we are many, not one.

25. Find a course that works for you, and no one else; that is who you should be. There are more asteroids than planets in space.

26. Reserve judgement.

27. Hold the applause.

28. Be born every day, not just on the calendared one.

29. Live for beginnings, not endings, and observe the secular strands that connect the two.

30. Be the dust-up, and shake loose the silt of the planes.

31. A star never loses illumination; it just relocates in space.

32. Don’t get lost in the clouds for too long; the oxygen is too thin for an extended stay.

33. Be the first to change, not the last. There’s less of a headwind if you lead.

34. Learn to love the pain; it is the only physical constant.

35. Always have a back-up plan.

36. Make sure that back-up plan includes a full flask, just in case you need to kill the infection that results.

37. Some poisons cure.

38. Diminish your greed; focus on your needs.

39. You are stardust stew: your composition and presentation are different, but all ingredients are similar, regardless of the details of the recipe.

40. Your body depreciates in value immediately once taken off the lot. Don’t fret about nicks and scratches encountered along the road.

41. Singularity is inevitable, and is the undeniable direction of the human machine.

42. There are some complex answers that are beyond human comprehension, even if the questions are simple. Don’t stress the vast stuff.

43. Run as fast as you can through the fog.

44. The decay is in the details.

45. Hold Evelution’s hand as she learns how to stand.

46. Live simply, and simply live.

47. Create your own separation from the flock.

48. If you don’t recognize the face in the mirror, break the glass and reassemble the shards into a familiar visage.

49. The code is acidic, and so are you.

50. If the serum glows, take two.

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