“Xenomorphine” Release Delayed (NOW 1.15.13)

“Xenomorphine” Cover. copyright 2012 artemis sere.

“Xenomorphine” Release Delayed (NOW 1.15.13)

For the last couple of months, I have worked tirelessly to pull together my second book of the Bonesetter’s Revenge series, “Xenomorphine”.  You may have seen excerpts from the book on Facebook, Instagram, or this blog. I have promoted the 12.12.12 date as the release date for this piece. These books are more than just words; they are a unique, interactive intersection of contemplation, poetry, prose and picture. In order to make them affordable and readable at the same time, I must achieve the right Greyscale balance throughout the printed piece, thus calling for rounds of print tests of the book to achieve an agreeable equilibrium of shadow. These books take longer to develop than a mainstream novel, and are akin to a graphic novel or magazine.

The good news is that the book is complete, and I am very excited about the finished product. It is far and away a better, more interesting, dynamic and accessible book than “Obscurious” (which was intended to be dark and brooding).

The bad news is that I’m not ready to sign off on it as finished. I’d like to perform more tweaks to it, and will not make my targeted release date of 12.12.12. There has been personal turbulence along the way which has delayed the release of “Xenomorphine”, including a full redesign of concept a couple of months ago, purchasing of new laptops and software, and, generally, the answering of a deeper question of whether I want to keep doing this, sacrificing my hours in the name of Art, further distancing myself from common and normal orbits for sake of creativity, self-imposing exile in the name of production.

I like being artistic, but sometimes have a difficult time with the monk-state of the life of an artist.

I’ll blog about my process–and the trials and tribulations involved–at another time when I have an open creative window. Immediately, I am driven to finish up “Xenomorphone” and make the paper and eBook versions available as soon as possible.

The new release date for “Xenomporhine” is now 1/15/13, and I am targeting both paper and eBook releases for the same day.  More information to follow regarding both.

Thank you very much for your patience and participation in my artistic orbit.

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