Xenomorphine Published!


I’ve blustered about this book here for some time now. Well, the time has arrived. “Xenomorphine” is now available for purchase (and soon, download) at Lulu.com, released 1/15/2013. It will be available via Amazon.com in the coming weeks.

I would thank each of you individually for your support if I could. Please consider ordering this relatively inexpensive collection of my best work. At very least, it will transport you and make you feel…. something. I guarantee this book will jar you, provoke you, take you on a ponderous trip…  make you question reality.

And what it means to be human. Or alien.

Or artist.

Please enjoy, and let me know what you think. I’ll post more about this book and the full “Bonesetter’s Revenge” series in the near future. I had to take a break from Daily Thirteens because the last week was aflush with book stuff.

I thank you for your patience, your interest and your curiosity.



“Xenomorphine” by Artemis Sere on Lulu.com

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