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Some days, it’s just not worth it.  Today, for example, I check into my blog to find all of my blog counts cleared to zero.  I don’t know why.  It just happened out of the blue screen of death.  Yesterday, there was a pittance of views, mostly by link and blog engines, and today there are none.

My readership was obliviated. A first for this blogger.  Part of me wants to hunt down why I lost all of my counts.  Part of me thinks that’ll take too much work.  Another, much stronger, part of me is apathetic.

This isn’t for you anyway.  It’s for me.  The views ultimately don’t matter; it’s the spill that does.

This is my selfish little escape to anywhere, anywho and anyhow.  If you’re reading this, I applaud your interest and diligence. I’m not sure how entertaining this will be for either of us, especially today, a day when my user experience opinion of life isn’t very high.  But thanks for being here, with me, in this space today.

Today I feel lonely, and I appreciate your company.  More than other days, and I don’t know why.  This doesn’t seem like an escape to me today; the words feel like a coffin, baked in the short sun of an Indian Summer and prepped dead for the cornucopia.

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