Thoughts on the passing of David Bowie

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I hosted a Gallery Show the other night of Sere art, and a prime topic of conversation was David Bowie. His appeal spans generations, and as he had just released a new album in the previous week, we discussed his impressive longevity. We praised Bowie’s dynamic ability to fit into many different characters while maintaining his signature style and sound. We celebrated his music and his movie stints. 
All in the conversation acknowledged the legendary status of David Bowie.

The following day, he was gone, taken from the human circle by cancer. From reports following his passing, it sounds like he had been bravely fighting the illness for the last 18 months. His newest music release, “Blackstar”, hints at a dying man, even though it was released on his 69th birthday. Evidently, his recent exit was known about and kept mostly secret for some time.

Gone too young, too soon.

He has always been on the periphery of being a favorite artist of mine. I grew up in Europe with his presence in the 80s — his music, his movies, his art — and his influence affects me to this day, primarily through the other artists that he affected with his talent. He and his contribution to humanity will be greatly missed.

I’m predicting that my #1 album for 2016 will be “Blackstar”. Though I didn’t appreciate David Bowie to the extent that I should’ve over the years while he was alive, I promise to give his last creation the attention and appreciation it deserves.

You and your art will be dearly missed, but not forgotten.

Lightspeed, Ziggy.

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