the wake of days

the wake of days
step six: six martyr place
from “Xenomorphine, The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book2”

im not feeling it tonight.
the week has run the well dry
and left with me with little but sighs
and weary eyes
the world is eroding around me
and no one is here for sunset,
this many-splendored fade to twilight,
the first light of a fading age
of descent
i fought the darkness
with all of my might
pushing back the black
curtain of night

i once wished
away my days
i uttered the words
that murdered them
without hesitation
too few the number
now, in this dire

as days die by
we lament the past
blasted as sand
in faraway arid lands
the skin of the world
cooked in light
as a glass carpet future
woven with silicate

see them gathered
the glum in display
muted colors, faded glory
a procession of shades
i wished for this
deep casket of escape
this enveloping never
this anti-life state

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