The Skeleton Men (“The Skeleton Men: The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book 3”, Epilogue)

The Skeleton Men (Preview)
The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book3

Available 2015.

This is a tale of woe
Of wisdom and of wonder
Of finding the strength to rise again,
Sending despair asunder

I came upon the yard
Amidst a slothy and sinister mist
Settled down away from grave sounds
And drifted into sweet twilight trysts

I dreamt that I fell away
To greet a dawn of darkness
Lost on roads of nomadness
And of obscurious loneliness

Escape became my orientation
The union of storms my guide
Martyr became my shelter
From xenomorphous skies

Away, I wandered
To learn how to heal.
This world.
A people in peril.

’til a scrape on stone
Startled me afraid
I rose to my wobbly feet
And dodged a rusted spade

“If you can mend the dead
What you seek shall be yours”
Their cursed keeper said
And exiled me to grim horrors

A bleak black ill-fated mission
To bind the broken living souls
Back together through contrition
To a time when they were whole

Conscripts to a wicked decree
Shadowsewn forgotten beings
Slaves of twenty and three
Puppets of a spineless cyng

There, in the depths of the nightmare
I mastered reanimation of self
Fractured hope fused by fallen hells
And the shadow’s careful help

This is a tale of life
Bending backwards through the end
Of lessons taught by the dead and
The fell telling fate of the
Skeleton men


Step7_The Bitter Asylum
1. The Gravekeeper
2. The Dawn Patrol
3. The Warden
4. The Oublier
5. The Priest
6. The Chambermaid
7. The Headsman
8. The Sunken Queen

Step8_The Skylight Eyes
9. The Paladin
10. The Alchemist
11. The Keymaster
12. The Archer
13. The Star Architect
14. The Imagineer
15. The Gargoyle
16. The Vizier
Step9_The Bloodletting of Heaven
17. The Dusk Patrol
18. The First Knight
19. The Seemstress
20. The Leech
21. The Lord of the Fall
22. The Caste Away
23. The Prince
24. The Cyng


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