The Shadowsewn Tarot (“The Skeleton Men: The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book 3”)

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The Shadowsewn Tarot Deck
The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book3

72 scrying cards of Wraithskeep/Oblivion, built around my third book “The Skeleton Men” and the Shadowsewn characters. Order subject to change, may shift in placement before released next year. Available in 2015.
Court Cards
1.One of Courts (The Warden)
2.Two of Courts (The Paladin)
3.Three of Courts (The Seemstress)
4. Four of Courts (The Priest)
5. Five of Courts (The Vizier)
6. Six of Courts (The First Knight)
7. Seven of Courts (The Prince)
8. Eight of Courts (The Cyng)
Counsel Cards
1. One of Counsels (The Keeper)
2. Two of Counsels (The Chambermaid)
3. Three of Counsels (The Alchemist)
4. Four of Counsels (The Gargoyle)
5. Five of Counsels (The Imagineer)
6. Six of Counsels (The Archer)
7. Seven of Counsels (The Star Architect)
8. Eight of Counsels (The Keymaster)
Cull Cards
1. One of Culls (The Dawn Patrol)
2. Two of Culls (The Dusk Patrol)
3. Three of Culls (The Headsman)
4. Four of Culls (The Leech)
5. Five of Culls (The Oublier)
6. Six of Culls (The Sunken Queen)
7. Seven of Culls (The Lord of the Fall)
8. Eight of Culls (The Caste Away)
Spade Cards
1. One of Spades (The Oubliette of Oblivion)
2. Two of Spades (The Lostlands/The Outer Grounds)
3. Three of Spades (The Armory)
4. Four of Spades (The Drowning Pool)
5. Five of Spades (The Garrote)
6. Six of Spades (The Tower)
7. Seven of Spades (The Sanctuary)
8. Eight of Spades (The Skylight)
9. Nine of Spades (The Dungeon)
10. Ten of Spades (The Trophy Room)
11. Eleven of Spades (The Throne Room)
12. Twelve of Spades (The Graveyard/Boneyard)
Dire Craft Cards
1. One of  Crafts (Soul Orientation/Diagnosis)
2. Two of  Crafts (Recollection/Diagnosis)
3. Three of Crafts (Painscape/Diagnosis)
4 Four of Crafts (Necroflection/Diagnosis)
5. Five of Crafts (Splynt/Treatment)
6. Six of Crafts (Coalescence/Treatment)
7. Seven of Crafts (Reduction/Treatment)
8. Eight of Crafts (Reconstruction/Treatment)
9. Nine of Crafts (Equilibrium/Therapy)
10. Ten of Crafts (Xenomorphosis/Therapy)
11. Eleven of Crafts (Lumenpure/Therapy)
12. Twelve of Crafts (Transcendence/Therapy)
Cell Cards
1. One of Cells (The Leper)
2. Two of Cells (The Gemini)
3. Three of Cells (The Quartermaster)
4. Four of Cells (The Blacksmith)
5. Five of Cells (The Zealot)
6. Six of Cells (The Bound Devil)
7. Seven of Cells (The Lost Angel)
8. Eight of Cells (The Prophet)
9. Nine of Cells (The Innocent)
10. Ten of Cells (The Whore)
11. Eleven of Cells (The Jester/Fool)
12. Twelve of Cells (The Shade, the Watcher, Aleister, originator of the Shadowsewn curse)
Key Cards
1. One of Keys (Humility)
2. Two of Keys (Self-sacrifice)
3. Three of Keys (Empathy)
4. Four of Keys (Sympathy)
5. Five of Keys (Persistence)
6. Six of Keys (Flexibility)
7. Seven of Keys (Trust)
8. Eight of Keys (Hope)
9. Nine of Keys (Courage)
10. Ten of Keys (Perseverance)
11. Eleven of Keys (Patience)
12. Twelve of Keys (Love)
Fate Cards
1. One of Fates (Bloodletter/Purge)
2. Two of Fates (Abandonment)
3. Three of Fates (Isolation)
4. Four of Fates (Retribution)
5. Five of Fates (Vindication)
6. Six of Fates (Damnation)
7. Seven of Fates (Salvation)
8. Eight of Fates (Evolution)
9. Nine of Fates (Despair)
10. Ten of Fates (Exile)
11. Eleven of Fates (Deconstruction)
12. Twelve of Fates (Dismemberment)

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