the divided continents

Today’s Lesson (early edition):   Your reality and fantasy are in constant conflict, and cannot co-exist in any material space.  Build bridges in your imagination, and unite the divided continents.

But what happens when you’ve lost your ability to dream.  I slip into sleep at the end of the day, exhausted and lost to the world of the living.  I never remember my dreams, except if they are especially noteworthy and inexplicably striking.  I usually wake up tired, my sleep restless and distressed, wiring disconnected from years of broken attempts at a night’s peace.  Blame it on my tortured body, and the whipmaster within, leaving me without the normal and common circles within which to heal and recharge.

I slip into oblivion.  Perhaps that pact was made so long ago when darkness dawned–by day I’d belong to me; at night, something or someone else.

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