The Behelders Project

The Behelders Project

Abstract: An attempt to do 40 photo shoots with human subjects to educate, inform and expand photography experience for an upcoming book of mine. If you’re interested in participating, and live relatively close to the Twin Cities (or really want to be involved and will pay for me to come to you) contact me over Facebook or Google+.

Timeline:  Phase 1 (May 1-July 31, 2013); Phase 2 (Aug 1-Oct 31, 2013)


  • To formally capture human subject photography, portraits and visual stories with a focus on 40 unique people/friends/family members in the Midwest.
  • To expand my personal portraiture and human subject photography experience
  • To explore and study visual subject matter and human characteristics for my photographic novel project “Beheld By Hell” (target release of 2015).


  • Each participant will receive a free photo shoot conducted by me, with passable images delivered in digital format. I reserve the right to throw away junk pictures and deliver a unique and professional artistic experience. There will be no charge to the participant, and I will do my best to be fair with respect to distance and location. Essentially, if my budget doesn’t allow for me to come to you, I’ll tell you, and maybe we can work something out.
  • Character profiles for “Beheld by Hell”.


  • As I’m attempting to capture a diverse landscape of human subjects, and have a predetermined character set/quota that I’m looking for (eg. a defined number of females, males, ethnicities…), I may pass on your request to participate. That statement is made not to hinder interest, but to note that I have creative goals for this project, and for the ultimate story that I want to tell in the “Beheld by Hell” photographic novel.
  • I may work with interested participants to coordinate the most appropriate, and artistically interesting, locations for the photo shoots. While I have no problem with taking pictures at someone’s home, unless there is something strikingly unique about the residence, I’d rather go elsewhere, take a subject out of his/her element. A park. A museum. A rugged space that will enliven character, such as a railroad or salvage yard.

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