2024: The Year of the Alien

Picture of Artemis Sere's "Evident Alien"


Every year since the ten-year anniversary of Artemis Sere, I've assigned a theme to each year. If you're interested in art and content shared during the various years, perform a search in Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more info. You can also check out the tag on my website dedicated to that theme.


It began in 2017 with the tenth anniversary of the Artemis Sere concept, brand and art via the #yearoftheSere tag.

It continued in 2018 with an exploration into the Sere philosophy and life practice with #yearoftheSeretic.

In 2019, I adventured into art-first existence and living the Artrovert concept via #yearoftheArtrovert.

In 2020, I charted a course to personal civility, connection, and community with the #yearofCivility. (Unfortunately, it was greatly hampered by COVID.)

2021 was my #yearofSerenity and highlighted my Serenity Gallery and "Echoprism Volume 1".

2022 was my #yearofSerein and continued to highlight my Serenity Gallery and the publication of "Echoprism Volume 2".

2023 was my #yearofEchoes, a year of challenges and themes that reflected my history and gave birth to the synchronicity of my sixth book "Obscurious X".


2024 is my #yearoftheAlien. It is a year that will feature a stark visual divergence from the darkness of my 2023 return to "Obscurious X". It is a year of fresh starts, vibrant visions, alien states, and xenomorphous identities.

The obvious images people conjure when they hear the word "Alien" are egg-headed visitors or Gieger xenomorphs. We recall scenes of Mork from Ork or ALF. We channel Men in Black or Scully and Mulder.

My year of the Alien will explore what it's like to have prismatic visions and conjurations in a country filled with hate, xenophobia, and distrust of artists and creatives. It will address our bigotry through horror, through flash, and through shock. It will explore themes of immigration - from across a system, a planet, a border or a street. It will alienate and reflect what it feels like to be alienated.

It stems from the "creative entity" introduced in "Obscurious" and explored further in "Xenomorphine", my second poetical picturebook which explores alienation after tragedy, how drugs (approved medical and other) altered this human, and how my medical condition developed an identity disparate from society.

My year of the Alien will dig deeper into the malevolent aliens in my creations - "Oviod and the Od". It will tell their story in ways that haven't been shared before. It will attempt to redirect thinking about what it means to be an alien - illegal, extraterrestrial, or creative - and remind us of our role as human diplomats and caretakers.


My #yearoftheAlien will feature some very notable points on the calendar year of 2024. Most of the calendar notes involve exciting new works and publications by Artemis Sere and Antithesis Press, including two books and two gallery shows.

I've also added the United States Presidential Election to this list, as I firmly believe that will be one of the most important and pivotal points for humanity for decades to come. All of my messaging and advocating and activism over 2024 will come to a singular point on November 5 where the United States displays tolerance, appreciation, and responsibility for those people it considers "alien" - or it will take a hardline swing in the opposite direction forcing a future war for diversity of culture, thought, and skin color.

Here are key points of my creative calendar for 2024:

1. The release of my seventh book, the 10-year anniversary edition of "Xenomorphine" entitled "Xenomorphine: Decade of Xenogamy" (March 9, 2024)

2. My first gallery show in 6 years: "ALIEN INSIDE: The Xenomorphous Art of Artemis Sere". (March 23, 2024)

3. My second gallery show of 2024: "Afterlight" (June 2024, details TBD)

4. The release of my eighth book, "Xenobleed 1: X & Why" (August 30, 2024)

5. RECKONING: The United States Presidential Election (November 5, 2024)


How am I able to put out two books and coordinate two gallery shows in the same year? Thankfully, much of the content for these experiences currently exists and these projects are in development.

I published my second book "Xenomorphine" in 2013. The follow-up to "Obscurious", "Xenomorphine" focused on the alien identity that emerged from the pain, turbulence, and trials of dealing with my chronic health condition. It focuses on the alien states that I experienced while suffering from severe Ulcerative Colitis, the inhuman treatments I underwent in the medical system, and the strange roads I walked while trying to be part of a society that is quick to dismiss the imperfect.

"Obscurious" was the dark start to the SERE story, and "Xenomorphine" was the prismatic trip past the door.

As a companion to this release in March 2024, I am coordinating a gallery show at the Artisan Forge in Eau Claire, WI. It is an amazing nexus of welding art, visual art, and other types of amazing creativity in western Wisconsin. It will allow fans of my work the ability to see art from "Xenomorphine", "Xenomorphine: Decade of Xenogamy", and "Xenobleed" up close and in an intimate setting like no other gallery show I've had previously. It will be vibrant. It will be crazy. It will be beautiful.

It will remind each of us that we're aliens, or have alien sides to our identity and personalities. We're strangers, connected by a human thread.

Speaking of beautiful, I am coordinating a gallery show for late June 2024 which will feature some of my most haunting and striking works. For many years now, I have been painting with acrylics. Along the journey I started creating art that can be appreciated one way in the daylight, and have another face in the night.

I call this series of work "Afterlight". It is a gallery show that will give visitors the ability to see both faces of some of my pieces, with lights completely turned off in order to allow viewing of the "glow-in-the-dark" state. This gallery show is still in development. Stay tuned for more details.

My good friend and fellow creator, Greg "Hexican" Chilton, will be producing both my "ALIEN INSIDE" and "Afterlight" shows in 2024. Greg is an accomplished musician, visual artist, maker, videographer, and podcaster. I am greatly inspired by his creative talent, and we have been brothers-at-art for decades. I am honored to be able to work with him on my upcoming shows.

In late August, I will release my eighth book, "Xenobleed 1: X & Why". It is a vibrant collection of surreal, abstract and atmospheric art through the eyes of the alien within, captured and trapped in the human form. See through the eyes of an alien as it becomes human, merges with its host. While this will be present in abstract form, it will resonate the message that we must embrace our xenophobia and make space for the aliens in our orbit and at our borders.

It will be as strong an Anti-Trump message as I can get in artistic form. It will attempt to create a vibrant mirror for people to consider how our positions have to change to be more inclusive, to be more tolerant, to be more accepting, to be more human.

To be human is to be alien.

Obscurious X: Decade of Darkness

Order your copy from Blurb now!


I am an independent artist who does not sell his product on Amazon. My margin for each book is less than hourly wage at McDonald's, so I have no illusions of getting rich off of my work.

But sales reinforce that my art matters to my audience, and the more sales that I'm able to generate off of my art, the more resources I have to make more art. It's circular for me. I don't expect to end up a millionaire, but I will exit with a creative legacy, even if it doesn't have a large, popular audience.

My art is honest, imperfect, reflective, challenging, and hopeful. Please consider following my Artrovert Blog, buying a copy of "Obscurious X", or following me on social media.

2024 will be an exciting and terrifying year for all of us.

The #yearoftheAlien is here.

Picture of Artemis Sere's
Artemis Sere SS-SG-0007 Evident Alien (v6)

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