On the Passing of Warrel Dane

Warrel Dane by Samuel Dietz

NEVERMORE And SANCTUARY Singer WARREL DANE Dies Of Heart Attack In Brazil

"Acclaimed heavy metal singer Warrel Dane, who achieved fame with the bands SANCTUARY and NEVERMORE, died on Wednesday (December 13) in São Paulo, Brazil. The American musician, who was in the process of making his second solo album, had a heart attack during the night and could not be revived.

Guitarist Johnny Moraes, who was a member of Dane's solo band, was with the singer around midnight when Warrel started to feel bad.

"He died in the night," Moraes told Brazil's UOL. "He was in the apartment where he stayed during the recording of the album when it happened. I gave him cardiac massage and we called the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU), who came very fast, but when they arrived, he was already dead."

According to Moraes, Dane — whose Wikipedia page erroneously states he was 48 but who is believed to have been in his late 50s — had a history of addictions and health issues. "His health was already very weak because of his diabetes and his problems with alcoholism," he said. "He was already facing a lot of health problems."

The instrumental parts for Dane's follow-up to 2008's "Praises To The War Machine" solo album were almost completed and he had begun laying down his vocals shortly before his death. The musicians in his solo band are thinking about finishing the record with guest singers as a posthumous tribute, but no decision has yet been made."

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Death of a Legend

"Refuge Denied" was one of the first albums I received from the Columbia House tape club when my family and I moved back to the states in 1988. The first album by a relatively unknown group known as Sanctuary became a life-long favorite, and cemented Warrel Dane's future as one of the best frontmen in metal. I ordered a t-shirt featuring the cover of "Refuge Denied" and stitched it to the back of my jeans jacket. During a time when Poison and Metallica and Warrant and other big-hair rock bands were trendy, I chose to fly the flag of the underdog. 

I still have the jeans jacket in my closet to this day, reminding me of my roots. The music of Sanctuary and the vocals of Warrel Dane -- whether through his 80s work, this long legacy with Nevermore, his solo album or the 2014 Sanctuary reboot with "The Year the Sun Died" (my favorite album of 2014) -- will always remain as a powerful Soundtrack to my growth and evolution.

Lightspeed, Warrel Dane. I will miss your voice, your art, and your contribution to the heavy metal story.

"What if there is nothing more?
What if there is only emptiness?
What if there is nothing more
beyond the code of deliverance?
What if everything decays?
What if we've all just been betrayed?
The code of deliverance leads us closer
We are closer to the end."

(Sanctuary, "The Year the Sun Died", 2014)[/vc_column_text][vc_video link="https://youtu.be/Rh_XtvJ1-28" align="center"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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