Artemis Sere Slay the Diplomat
Friend or foe
You never truly know
Trust is earned
Patience is sold
Color of skin
Cost of sin
Switch your coat
With a Cheshire grin
Extend your hoof
To shake as hands
Bow your horns
As custom demands
Build your bridges
Across the chasms
Tend to the stitches
When hopes spasm
Evangelist by trade
Optimist by fa├žade
Bringing light to the dark
With one Janus god
Tithe to the towers
Stained glass and ornate plates
Delivering the answer
Of coming fate
Welcome his coming
Before it's too late
Prostate as servant
Renounce your state
Resist the madness
As the heralds swap hats
Avenge assimilation
And slay the diplomat
Artemis Sere Slay the Diplomat

Seretic Studios