Xoterica 19: The Phoenix

“As you think, so shall you become.” (Lee)

I am Sai-fon, risen many times from the ashes of my past lives. My previous selves crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. I don't doubt this feathered fool will fall soon to ash too. I built my own pyre, and consumed myself in the immolation.

The furnace of the Universe swallows each of us - feathers, fortune and all. Eventually.

It's common to assign myths to reality. It helps us make sense of our lives, gives context for survival and an avatar to aspire toward. Phoenix. Bennu. Fenghuang. Lazarus with wings. Jesus.

The faces change, yet the roles remain the same: provide a model for evolution, hope for human renewal through the process of recycling. Flesh and feathers and memory fall away, limbs atrophy and hair turns gray.

From the moment of rebirth, the disease of decay begins, like a clock we continue to tinker with using dull tools throughout our life. Every day, the Universe culls millions, and births chirpy new birds in its place. Our horizons are spanned with their glorious wings, and our clouds are the evaporated remnants of the cycled.

We fly through our lives of ash and vapor in a whisper until


Gone faster than a sparkling star, life dimmed to an acquiscent ember.

But not for long. The super power of the human creature is evolution, and the human Phoenix revises, refuels and renews with every rise.

Screaming with life and passion, we take form. We take flight. We soar. We crash. We master the mechanics of aerodynamics with every new adventure.

We shift our shape through jetstreams and skyfallen dreams. We stay hopeful, keep our beaks streaking upward. Keep reaching, keep striving, keep surviving.

Until our next dance with gravity.

I will rise again from the ashes of this fallen human, as I have so many times before. The new version of me will be a bit different than the last. I know what it feels like to fly at great heights, and who I have to be to climb there. I know the feeling of wind in my face and fire streaming from my feathers.

A Phoenix always rises, but never as the same bird twice.


Xoterica 18: The Disharmony

"There is a powerful craving in most of us to see ourselves as instruments in the hands of others and, thus, free ourselves from responsibility for acts which are prompted by our own questionable inclinations and impulses. [They] hide their malevolence under the virtue of obedience." (Lee)

I see them smiling with snappy coats and Cheshire smiles, a gleaming arrogance that makes most observers of the shot feel both jealousy and anger simultaneously.

I should wish that I was still like them, still connected, still thinking I'm fighting for a just cause and am valuable. That winning the bottom line justifies the means. That the Dream is worth the stress and bitterness and greed.

But it's not. Not anymore. The world is more damaged, fractured and divided than ever.

I should envy the lifestyle, the benefits, the network, the automated and artificial intelligence. As a Transhumanist, I should champion the rise of robots and digital slaves that allow us to be lazy and define a different illusion of progress. I should be the Harbinger of things to come.

But I'm not. Not anymore. The machines and intellects built by humankind will be as flawed and dysfunctional as we are, built to burn brilliantly and quickly away, but not to last.

The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Half-life is the curse of the alive.

I'm constantly reminded by the communications around me how imperfect I am. The messages in media tell me that I'm not making enough, not buying enough, don't have enough for retirement. That I don't have enough, didn't choose the right path, don't follow (the Right) religion, have a specific culture or look like a gleaming model citizen. Our tangerine-colored leader tells me that if I can't fall in line, I should leave. If I don't see things his way, I'm not a "patriot".

Realistically, there is not much difference between "patriot" and "puppet".

If I question and have an opposing opinion, I'm un-American. That dissonance makes it easy for me to come to peace with the idea that I'm no longer "American" (which is OK, because the concept of what an "American" is was usurped by this country -- Canada and Latin American have "American" identities as part of the American continent, South + North - the definition of "American" is subjective). I no longer believe in the Dream, the ideals, the bullshit propaganda of the greatness of this Country, the illusions of progress. None of it. The rotgut of bloated America has been revealed, and I want no part of the present identity of this place. As a United States citizen who pays his share of taxes here, I have every right to stay in this flawed country and live off of it until I can find a better answer.

My answer: I choose antithesis.

I am a Globalist living in America, trying to push for Humanistic advances and respect, separation of Church and state, and better identity of a citizen of the United States of America.

This modern human American creature -- despite all its learnings, ethics, morals and necessary humility --would rather
build walls than roads or bridges;
destroy than recycle or re-purpose;
live in confident arrogance than flexible doubt;
exclude than include;
create schisms than common ground;
fuel anger and antagonism than hope and unity;
hate than love.

You can call me crazy, or a hippy. A flower child. An idealist. A Socialist. A Communist.

Your enemy or frenemy.

You can asphyxiate me in whatever flag, banner or herald comes with the territory. Fashion me as traitor and execute me for reminding you that you -- we -- are not the centers of the Universe. Multiverse. Upside-Down verse.

No matter what filter you put on the photo, or how you remix the verses of this dirge, all harmony has been lost here. The reliable framework for our society, culture, and human balance has tilted, pushing humanity to the unfurling of our fragile tapestry into chaotic and disconnected fibers.

The press of a button or errant tweet by a tyrant or demagogue or agenda is all that stands between the greatness of our species and self-directed oblivion.

Chaos benefits the fat cats in control. Just one click or turn of a key by a madman, and illusion of civilization burns away.

The radiation levels as a result of a future war will decimate any hope for evolution of humankind. The Marshall Islands continue to prove that out, in ways worse than Chernobyl or Fukushima. When the warheads and elite engage in pissing contests, the whole human race suffers.

No market will matter if the bears and bulls are dead or dying from cancer.

Centuries from now, a tweaked, blistered and scarred re-version of human may emerge from the fallout shelters and dismal ashes of this broken place. As it sifts through the garbage, wreckage and ruins of our fallen time, it will painfully discover that

Evolution falters when equilibrium fails.


Artemis Sere Xoterica The Disharmony

Xoterica 7: The Seretic

artemis sere xoterica

The following information was generated by a generic naming website (site listed at the end of this).

Much of the report is applicable to who I am as a human (the details of which are on a need to know basis only), as an artist (Artemis Sere) and as a brand-runner (Seretic Studios). For a generic reporting site with numerology guidance (which I don't typically follow), it had some interesting insights. I've listed those details below.

An interesting note: an anagram of SERETIC is "SECRET I" or "I SECRET", which highlights the cloudy intersection between the artist and the human.

[ESOTERICA: Seretic Studios is the professional title of the unified states of the Art of Artemis Sere universe, originally created in 2007 in conjunction with the Artemis Sere brand/pseudonym.]

Meaning of SERETIC numerology analysis (7)

Meaning is related to the symbol of the spirit, absolute knowledge, analysis, research of the inner life and originality. But it also represents the loneliness, isolation and renunciation.

Seven is a mystical and magical number with strong mystical connotations. Considered as the lucky seven, in astrology Neptune relates to the planet and governs the sign of Pisces. Personalities related to these vibrations have a clear sense and an aptitude for spirituality. They search for the truth, especially in the psychological and spiritual domain. Having an objective and devotion for researching the unknown and to find answers to the mysteries of life.

A very sharp mind who prefers to work alone. You are an analytical thinker capable of a great mental concentration and profound theoretical insights. Usually the solitary type who lives by his own ideas and beliefs. As a result of this attitude, your partnerships are difficult or problematic, in particular marriages. The need for personal space is strong. Privacy violations can cause you great irritation and frustration. When all these conditions are fulfilled your life becomes balanced. This in return makes you more charming and attractive. Your powerful spirit and great knowledge make you attractive to others(especially of the opposite gender). But it also provides well-defined boundaries.

Although you are rather generous in social situations you often feel the need to return to solitude. Peace and the discreet intimacy of your own world are very important! They are vigorously defended. Intimacy protects your inner world and is very precious, because it feels good. Paradoxically, when this need for solitude is exaggerated it can lead to a situation of isolation and loneliness. That can condemn you to great dissatisfaction and a empty emotional life. A part of your personality always longs to have social and emotional contacts. If the isolation is taken to the extreme, sevens may become cynical and distrustful. Also try to control a tendency to selfishness and self-centeredness. Thinking of yourself as the center of the universe or as the only person that really matters is not healthy. Finding balance between alone time and social interactions takes experience, time and effort. Yet it truly is worth to strive for general balance in life. That way you won't close the doors for emotions and love for others.

Excessive isolation can result in a repressed spirit and a narrow mind. Becoming too isolated from the world and social contacts will create a poor and miserly outlook on life. Secretly people of this path may feel jealous of how easy it is for others to create and keep social ties. Often perceiving people as less inhibited than yourself, or more free to express themselves. There exists a risk of severely criticizing yourself for lacking charisma or leadership.

The constant challenge for SERETIC is to preserve independence without feeling isolated and ineffective. Have your own view of the world and at the same time maintain an opening towards others. This ways you can receive and fully express all feelings and sentiments offered by the surrounding world. With your ability to learn, analyze and seek answers to the important questions of life, you have an enormous potential for growth and success in life. Once experience is obtained you tend to have important background knowledge and wisdom to pass on. You can develop with success and satisfaction in the domains of science, religion, insurance, invention, companies and all that refers to research. When they reach maturity sevens often radiate wisdom. The fate of this person is characterized by his psychic powers and their strong intuition that serves as a guide in life.

Has an introverted personality, that needs much time to himself. It frequently has a contemplative tendency and is interested in meditation. You have a great imagination that leads you to be interested in insignificant things. This trend can sometimes affect your mental and physical health.

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Letter S Meaning For SERETIC

Possesses huge vitality with reserves to spare. Enabling it to realize or build large projects. Truly has the potential for completing ambitions big things. It triumphs over obstacles in its path and even attracts money. Love and generosity bring new interesting paths to follow. Such high energy will eventually draw near huge changes that can be good or bad. However anything can be overcome with a positive attitude.

Letter E Meaning For SERETIC

Radiates joy, good humor and great intuition. Seeks primarily freedom. Feels very attracted by spiritual experiences rather than material things. Strives towards a life that is active and intense. Equipped with conversational skills for long entertaining talks. Always acts intelligently by knowing its personality. In many occasions feels tensions building up when doing routine tasks.

Letter R Meaning For SERETIC

Powerful dynamism that wants to evolve. Tends to idealize love, family and friendship. Has a philosophy to be supportive. In groups relies on everything and everyone to communicate the best way possible. Having a positive vision and a great inner spirit draws near followers who provide the balance needed to move forward. Not really a follower of rules. Has enough wisdom to know what it wants. Can be extravagant. Always wins the respect of others.

Letter T Meaning For SERETIC

Likes to organize and structure things. Has a dominant aura that can lead to conflicts when overcome by emotions. So it needs to know the limits of his strength. Very tidy and dominant as a leader. Sees clearly how things should be. Additionally wants to share knowledge and love. Radiates kindness, tolerance and an aura of patience.

Letter I Meaning For SERETIC

Shows a big concern for humanities welfare. Feels no desire for power in general. Simultaneously is able to take advantage of new experiences in order to gather more wisdom. Psychological understanding for problem solving is exceptionally advanced. Good artistic abilities for seeing new perspectives. Always switching between being a teacher and a student. Very altruistic with a sense of enthusiasm and generosity.

Letter C Meaning For SERETIC

The letter C gets it's force and energy from joy, feelings and intuition. Those attributes always want to go to various directions in order to share their own knowledge. Changes and travel may occur often, even though change can be scary at first. Materially it has very clever tendencies, that can help greatly when communicating with others. Tends to deal with too many things at the same time. This way almost always something will be left unfinished.



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