Xoterica 13: The Tell

Artemis Sere Xoterica 13: The Tell

"To express yourself in freedom, you must die to everything of yesterday. From the “old”, you derive security; from the “new”, you gain the flow." (Lee)

2018 has been turbulent year for me personally and professionally. At times, it has been a difficult ride. I may have distanced myself from this blog, but I have found much solace in the solitude of the pathway of the seretic. I have been productive, but not as evident as I have been in previous ages. These days, I spend more time creating than displaying, more time reflecting than moving.

I have a lot of plans in play for art projects and products. In fact, if things go as planned, by this time next year I will have published my first three #Xenobleed poetical picturemags (a variant of my Bonesetter's "poetical picturebooks"). Development of those has been a focal point of my year, as well as reflecting on where I want the Artemis Sere brand to go over the next ten years.

Without further ado, some of the 2018 highlights of the Artemis Sere brand.

Seretic Studios Evolution

Behind the scenes, I've spent a lot of time trying to better the seretictstudios.com experience -- from page load speed to content consistency and architecture. My lack of a core experience for Seretic Studios has forced me to rethink the user flow of this website, how much content is connected and how people can find my products. I'm far from finished, but am progressing. Cleaning content closets is a complicated task; I have been blogging across platforms for almost a decade now, and my written and visual content is scattered across the digital space and social media. Compiling a centralized gallery -- for my own sanity alone -- has been challenging.

I continue to update my Serenity Gallery (the formal name for my full, ordered collection of Artemis Sere art products, projects and creations) and my current inventory numbers over 400. The attached page hasn't been updated in some time, and I hope to have the full Gallery list up in the near future.


As a result of my day job, I am around the welding profession and the great artists that bend metal to their wills. I have visited sculpture parks and stood in awe of imposing, impressive works of art. As a focus for the next decade of Sere Art, I want to become skilled at welding and metalworking so I can produce my own artistic expressions using metal mediums. While I don't have a timetable for getting started on the path of developing #sereSteel art, I have decided that I want my future gallery to feature such awesome creations.

Xenobleed Gallery Show

In July 2018, I conducted my only gallery show of the year at the Lake Elmo Coffee Shop in Lake Elmo, MN, featuring many of my rarely-seen art resin, acrylic and gesso pieces that have been featured in social media and are the basis for many works in the "Xenobleed" picturemag series.

Poetical Picturemags

A variant of my Bonesetter's Revenge books, a poetical picturemag s a hybrid of digital art, poetry, and short fiction that features a vibrant array of my digital works, most of which are remixes of my visual art from other mediums. The picturemags are printed on 8.5x11, full-color paper, arranged in magazine format. The poetical picturemags are developed by me, featuring content from me, and will be available over Amazon.com for individual ordering/purchase.

Xenobleed I: X & Why

Originally slated to be released on September 9, 2018, the first book of my "Xenobleed" series ("Xenobleed: X & Why") returns to the roots of "Xenomorphine" (The Bonestter's Revenge, Book 2): a celebration of the xenomorphic ability for a human to express him or herself in artistic ways alien to our humble, stable species. The colors are wild and unpredictable, reflecting the birth of chaos. Available 11/18/2018.

Xenobleed II: Coagulum

Slated to be released on January 9, 2019, "Xenobleed: Coagulum" is the bleeding-out of the alient/artist. It's collective colors are red and crimson, and the content drips of venom and cruor. More to come in December 2018.

Xenobleed III: Shadowheart

Slated to be released on February 14, 2019, "Xenobleed: Shadowheart" returns to the "Obscurious" world of shadow and  suffrage. "Shadowheart" features some of my best black and white pieces, and reflects the darker tones of love.


Artemis Sere Xoterica 13: The Tell

Artemis Sere’s Creative Objectives (2014)

Artemis Sere’s Creative Objectives (2014)

These are projects that I am targeting for completion and launch in 2014. Some of these targets were carried over from the year before due to re prioritization or scheduling issues. Some of these projects are still being fleshed out, and project details being finalized. Please check this blog for more information in the near future.

These projects are ranked in order of importance, along with a brief description of each project and the estimated launch date. Thank you very much for your interest and participation in my orbit.  All concepts and content copyright 2013/2014 artemis sere.

  1. “Obscurious (Darkestar Risen Edition)” Poetical Picturebook Release [February 2014]
    “Obscurious” is Book1 of my Bonesetter’s Revenge collection. It was originally created in Black and White, without a digital edition.  This version is a reconcepting of “Obscurious” for digital, with creative revisions and tweaked style. It will be primarily available as an eBook, with full shadowy color. Available via Lulu.com and Amazon.com. Will be released exactly one year before Book 3 launches in 2015.
  2. “Xenomorphine”, “Seerum Studios”, “Antithesis Press” Merch/T-Shirts [April 2014]
    Merch. Who doesn’t want a cool t-shirt?
  3. “Xenomorphine (Junkie Shakes Edition)” Poetical Picturebook Release [May 2014]
    “Xenomorphine” is Book2 of my Bonesetter’s Revenge collection. This version is a crazy revision of “Xenomorphine”, with wild style and kinetic feel. It will be primarily available as an eBook, with full tweaked color. Available via Lulu.com and Amazon.com.
  4. “Scream Queen” Jess Loveless Book Cover Photo Shoot [June/July 2014]
    Working with an unidentified artist for the cover and marketing.
  5. sereX event [Aug/Sept 2014]Event designed to network with other artists, exchange art, art supplies, tips, and allow the public to trade art supplies for artwork [bring in bottles of unused acrylic paint to exchange, and you get a new Sere book or print].
  6. Artemis Sere Serenity Gallery Showing [Oct 2014]A public display some of my best works from my Serenity Gallery, a collection of posterized pieces of my art. Location undetermined.
  7. “Scream Queen” Fiction Novel Release [December 2014]
    My first novel and an introductory story to the “Fetch” Trilogy. Jess Loveless has it all–a successful rock band, a B-horror movie career, and fetish model following. A freak accident flips her world upside-down, and while she struggles to recover, she discovers a side of her talents that she never knew existed. And would’ve been better off not discovering. Available via Lulu.com and Amazon.com.
  8. “The Skeleton Men” Effigies [December 2014]
    Concept designs for “The Skeleton Men”, Book3 of the Bonesetter’s Revenge, which is planned for a 2015 release.
  9. Music Collaboration. [Release Not Determined]
    Collaboration with secret musician, CD and Merch Design.
  10. Music Collaboration. [Release Not Determined]
    Collaboration with Sean Payne/Cyanotic.

Charting Course

I've always been a big proponent of Blogging. As a writer, this is just journaling for a grander, connected audience. I can typically write like the wind, and content creation has never been a big challenge for me. From a social media perspective, this act is essential to maintain search engine authority for my brand. This also helps me develop my writing skill and voice, provide a window into my artistic world for those that are interested. This tracks my life, my reflections, and my philosophy.

So many reasons to do this, but this isn't a blog about "why do it?" 

This is a blog about "what now?"

I've maintained the "Xenomorphine" blog for the last couple of years and, regardless of how much I market and promote the blog, share it across social landscapes, and plan and develop content for it, I just can't seem to gain a foothold on traction. Admittedly, I had a good run of engagement going with this blog, and then I stepped away for a couple months to focus on other projects. When I went away, so did the majority of my readers.

Maybe they were never really there. Perhaps my previous read counts were overblown by spammers and affiliates and other visitors that could care less about my work. I still maintain a high Klout score (65) based on my social media activity on other sites, but this blog's readership has dwindled to a feint heartbeat.  I haven't grown a following, haven't turned this blog into any thought-leadership on a certain subject, and haven't transferred read counts into engagement via this channel. In fact, when I posted an offer for "FREE PHOTOGRAPHY" through my "Behelders Project", I had no responses--either via this blog or any social shares. My reflections don't generate conversation, nor do they elicit response in most cases.

By all accounts, this journal exists to humor myself and a relatively small circle of people.

So, what now?

I see three options--continue on with status quo; continue on with change in direction; and continue on with a dramatic change (shut down the blog). 

Seretic Studios