six seconds

It is said that if you make eye contact with someone for more than six seconds, without looking away or blinking, you're interested in either sex or murder.

It is a curious statistic, as I find myself staring for too long these days, scoping out the humanity of the people around me, wondering what lies behind those sparkly eyes and made-up disguises. I stare, and people look away.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm testing them, to see whether or not they are human, or alien, like me.

When you think about it, you could use that power to freak out 10 different people every minute. Stare, make them wonder if you're contemplating sex or murder, and then look away. Refocus your gaze to the next unfortunate person, and reset the clock.  If you did that to everyone in your orbit, you would create localized and palpable paranoia in the people around you.

Six seconds is all it takes to scare someone,

or entice someone.

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