sharridan terrace

naglfar, copyright 2011 artemis sere

sharridan terrace
from The Bonesetter’s Revenge (Book 2: Xenomorphine)
copyright 2009, 2011 Artemis Sere

would you trade
now for then:

for a place
I’ve never been
and never seen
I harbor fleets
of plunder and pain
full-sail and
cannonade ready
with docks stacked
of hungry violent
pirates willing to
pillage for
fun and frolic
and bring asunder
the tall
and innocent
structure where
they’ll call
madness, possibly
argue rage
but in plain truth
collateral damage
is the case
for a place
I’ve never been
and never seen
so flee inland
and escape as far
as your wobbled legs
will allow
this margin
of sharp descent
and dissention
is mutinous
and thorough
all thanks to you
my untamed
and faceless

no, betrayer,
I would not trade
now for then and
for the rest of your time
is prize thine
and though unkind
for the rest of my time
I shall deify
your ruin
of us

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