Saturday, April 25, 2020. 69°. Mostly sunny, partly cloudy, whatever.

Gorgeous, warm weekend day. The days are a bit of a blur to me right now, so I had to verify that it was Saturday. Without much structure, no job, little fire and inspiration, forced to stay home and maintain distance,

I'm mostly floating.

We all float down here. And wear masks and other face coverings to stave the flu away.

That's the here and now. Some deny, as most of the people I passed today not wearing face masks and not observing distance. Mouthbreathers with no clue whether or not they're asymptomatic carriers of the bug. 

I wish I could live that naive and care-free. In my state, testing opportunities for COVID-19 have have blown up, and I plan to get tested next week. I'm hoping for a positive serology test, one that identifies that I've had this coronavirus and have some antibodies to battle the coming waves and chances of re-infection.

I walk along the river in daylight and wear a bandana over my face when people approach. It is said you can catch the virus downwind when walking near people. While I'm concerned about what they could be giving to me through their heavy breathing, I'm more worried about giving them what I had.

For a month coronavirus symptoms kicked my ass. I feel better now, but I know it's not gone. I feel it in the shadow parts of me. It drains, rattles and rages in the small hours, when life is low and the bugs crawl. It ruins my slumber with deep coughs and breathless dreams.

I wonder if they know sleep. Does the virus ever rest?

If not, woe be the human race. We are no match for voracious, careless and unfeeling monsters we know little about and of which we have no control.

The tan line from bandanas will soon be a summer fashion statement.

Speaking of statements, I went out to my Mitsubishi Outlander today to find an egg or two smashed on the driver's side windshield. I'd just come back from grabbing my Mitsubishi Eclipse from winter storage in WI, so I know the egging happened in the last day.

I stood before it in awe and concern. I confirmed that it couldn't have accidentally happened (eg. fallen from a nest). Based on trajectory of smash and egg white spray across my glass, it was clearly thrown, and probably not from a moving vehicle.

The act begs the question of "why", regardless of angle of offense. 

I suppose I should be worried about the "who" a bit more, considering my beloved Trek bike was stolen off the same vehicle last summer. I have a hard time believing in coincidence. I've made frenemies, but don't know of any threats. I know I haven't led a cookie-cutter Americana life. I take positions that are unpopular and am outspoken. I am chaotic good.

The statement was either juvenile or intentional, and, either way, totally uncool and disappointing.

King Dictator makes asinine statements all the time. Many times he does so to egg on his enemies and antagonists to action, spurs his cult to spread his lies like contagion.

In a different time, I would've felt compelled to investigate such an offensive act, find some measure of justice or vengeance,

but the float has become me.

We all float down here.

Especially the ones who were dumb enough to drink bleach or breathe disinfectants at the recommendation of America's idiot King.

Just being sarcastic, of course. 

You know what's suckier than having egg smashed on the windshield of your car? Having A Ha's classic song "Take On Me"stuck in your head, only replacing "Take" with "Egg". That's been my soundtrack of madness today.

"Egg on me, Egg me on…"

You're welcome. Not you who actually egged my car.

No egg for you.


Artemis Sere Serestatic Egg Me On

2 Replies to “SERESTATIC: Egg Me On”

  1. Hey Artemis. Get your shit together. I never read you as a quitter. And please stop with that talk about being with the simple man making 50K a year… that shit is insulting. You are a good person, put that badge on a again and fuck the outside influences. Maybe to get out of your rut, paint/draw in a different style. Make your Guernica of 2020. It’s not about tantalizing the masses… you need to tantalize yourself. You need new eyes and I say that as a man who needs new eyes himself. Take a chance on yourself and do something new. When you do that, I feel assured it will give you more fuel for a better outcome. If you have a Utopia within yourself you have won, but one artist to another, Utopia’s do not exist, we need to suffer to create… I wrote this 15 years ago… it gave me chills… but it doesn’t change anything.

    The clearance comes consuming
    Enthralling all who buy
    The brooding thought primary
    Put all of your guns away

    Under the guise of self we all have strayed
    Essence of truth is always under siege
    Feeling the acid washing your bones
    Sound of the flip switch
    Then you will suffer

    Sell yourself out and you think you saved
    An everlasting shit on lifes parade
    As the city burns

    Constant replays and you think your clean
    Spreading fires and we disappear
    As the world burns

    We have drifted far apart
    Need to be rewound
    will the current sweep us away

  2. Hello! I just wanted to check in and make sure you were doing okay (COVID – Looting)? I think leaving Facebook was a great idea for sanity, but I miss seeing your logical posts during this illogical time. Take care my friend.

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