SERESTATIC: Bentley Goes West

Sunday, March 1, 2020. 45°. Sunny.
The world outside is melting again. Temperatures returning to bearable. Light stretching the days longer. A new groove outside the common social lines. Exited Facebook, Messenger and Myspace this morning. Centralizing my output, thought processes and shares to my Artrovert space and to DeviantArt, if you haven't caught that already.
My plan is to use #SERESTATIC as my content channel for regular reflections and updates around my life which will eventually feed into a newsletter, and #XOTERICA for my more polished and comprehensive rants and rages.
Without further ado, let's get the static on.
My gamecast group recorded our first Podcast yesterday, and it went well. As with any band of geeks, there are challenges with getting a final answer with who we are, what we do and we are going to do. Seems to be a continually evolving story, but exciting progress has been made. Still finalizing the name of the group, but has the potential to be an exciting project with vast opportunity. More to come soon.

Speaking of temperature rising, so is the decision of what's next for me. I'd love to get a decent-paying job outside of marketing, commerce and sales, but am finding it very hard to find a gig that checks all of the soul boxes. This is life off-the-rails, careening with destructive force through a weak forest that applies very little resistance to the rush of metal and deconstruction.

While life is in chaos, my art seems to be finding better order. I planned out the next five years of projects the other day -rebuilds, sequels and other exciting new creations. I'll share more about them someday soon.

In the meantime, I must throw love and appreciation to my long-time friend and artistic compatriot, Terry Bentley. Terry created the acrylic piece below using 3M tape, and allowed me to purchase it. The image is #reflectiveart and imagines a shot from my trip to California last year, using Terry's  brilliant and unique abstract skill.

See the original photograph below Terry's work, from my "Fog of Life" photo journey from Summer 2019. His adaptation captures the essence of a scary race with doom, while adding a personal touch of calm. Another piece from a talented artist to add to the Serenity Gallery.

Since this is now my channel of choice, I plan to post more regular updates like this, hopefully a few times a week (possibly even a few times a day, if I'm feeling saucy). The social world has its feeds; I have a blog.

Time to feed my blog, not an endlessly distracting and scrolling trough of nonsense.


Terry Bentley Acrylic
Terry Bentley Acrylic
Artemis Sere Fog of Life

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