Fog of Life


These shots were taken during a road trip to California to determine where in Modesto I should move to continue my #metalmorphosis and prepare for schooling. Ultimately, after experiencing the city and looking into schools, I decided to stay in Minnesota for metalworking training, move to one of my favorite states when I have my Metalworking degree. 

But, for seven days, I was driven solely by the winds, Google Maps and Bassnectar. It was the trip of a lifetime.

This collection contains images from that sojourn during June + July 2019. I captured close to 1,000 images over seven days. These are the select few.

Enjoy. Let me know if there are any images you'd like a print of. Be sure to check out the Dreamscape of this trip, coming soon!

Thanks for visiting. Yours truly,

Artemis Sere

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