The Octave Collection

I developed groups of visual content called "Octaves". An octave is most common in music but is used in this case to represent a group of 8 Sere creations that are united by a theme, a story, a style or visual plotline.
They vary in design and medium but are always grouped in an intentional collection of eight fine art pieces.  It is my intention to find places to display Octave Collections, or rent them to interested parties for business or personal decor (see "Octavation", more details coming soon). 
For those individuals interested in prints, all pieces will be housed in my portfolio at artemissere.deviantart.com. High-quality prints of individual pieces can be ordered from this site.

What's Next

  • Completion of Blog Stories for all existing Octaves.
  • Planning and creation of new Octaves.
  • Development of Octavation, side business dedicated to the promotion, rental and install of Octaves in homes and businesses around the world.


octave1: lEFTPATHRED

Divergence leads to bloodshed.

bare bones I

Life without skin.


A grim abstraction.

Madness reigns

One crazy kaleidoscope.

Seretic Studios