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I've been creating art for the majority of my life - in some form or another. The Serenity Gallery encompasses all of my inventoried art through the span of my life. The Gallery includes pieces from when I was younger, but also includes current art that is purchasable either as an original, or as a print via my DeviantArt profile.

Due to the volume of Serenity Gallery content, the digital experience for my Serenity Gallery is divided into "Groups", which hold 50 pieces each. There are 12 groups currently available, and  will be updated as time allows. This experience is built off of my "Echoprism" volumes, and works in conjunction with that guide to offer print options for anyone interested in ordering a copy of a piece.

Each art piece in the Gallery is assigned a SS-SG number (Seretic Studios Serenity Gallery) that starts at 00001, and builds sequentially based on entry into the Seretic Studios inventory (ie. the Gallery is not chronologically ordered)

Thanks for visiting. If you have any questions or are interested in a piece, please contact me at [email protected].

Yours truly,

Artemis Sere


SS-SG-00001 - SS-SG-00050

SS-SG-00051 - SS-SG-00100

SS-SG-00101 - SS-SG-00150

SS-SG-00151 - SS-SG-00200

SS-SG-00201 - SS-SG-00250

SS-SG-00251 - SS-SG-00300

SS-SG-00301 - SS-SG-00350

SS-SG-00351 - SS-SG-00400

SS-SG-00401 - SS-SG-00450

SS-SG-00451 - SS-SG-00500

SS-SG-00501 - SS-SG-00550

SS-SG-00551 - SS-SG-00600

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