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The entirety of the artistic inventory and legacy of Artemis Sere, the Serenity Gallery.

DIGITAL artwork

Polished versions of art pieces shared
in social spaces and other formal digital art by Artemis Sere.

photography &

Collections of Artemis Sere photography
and digital remixes of photos.

For years, I have worked with musicians and artists that, while talented, lacked focus on production and the discipline to make work available to their audience. Often, I would show up at shows of a band that I really liked, only to discover that they had no material available on site; even worse, they had nothing to offer via a formalized web or social presence to a consumer. A few years ago, I contacted my favorite cover artist to get prints of his works, and he had no established process by which I could plaster my walls with his stunning art.

I realized that I needed a different, more streamlined and professional approach if I wanted to be taken seriously.

Show Your Work

As an artist, if you're not showing your work, you are working for yourself, and probably will never find an audience. It is my target that someday my art and product and brand gains global and financial traction, to where I can spend more time doing what I love--producing art. Thus, I found it imperative to my artistic goals to develop a formalized, structured, posterized set of the works that I could make available to interested consumers, fans, family members, frenemies. Not only did it give me a sort of artistic relevance, but it also gave me a framework to deliver high-quality Sere product to the people who want it.

My primary goal as an artist isn't sales, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that "artistic financial independence" is in the Top 5 of what I'm trying to accomplish. I don't want to be rich, just comfortable enough to work on the multitude of projects I have to complete before my clock runs out--and to do it under my terms.

I don't expect that I will ever retire, but it is necessary to continue to inspire and be inspired.

My Art Gallery

The Serenity Gallery is the formalized, professional presentation of my works, built for the walls of people who care and to showcase my diverse talent (and the talent of artists that I partner with or represent), covering both the synonym and the antonym side of the word. The title itself is a play on my pseudonym (SERE), but also represents the different shades of my art--sometimes dark, sometimes beautiful, sometimes mysterious, sometimes wicked, sometimes peaceful and sometimes challenging.

Serenity, like happiness, is a process not a destination.

Someday, select Gallery pieces will hang in my own Professional Gallery.

Select Serenity Gallery art is also featured in my books, and other digital spaces, though often not as polished in presentation.

Picture of canvases in the Serenity Gallery by Artemis Sere

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