scout’s honor

“scout’s honor”
from “Xenomorphine, The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book2”

Raise two fingers for honesty and integrity. Recite the words that morally ground. Live for reverence, abide the God. For truth, it is respected; in faith, it is protected.

As long as we obey. The law. The code.

Their law. Their code.

By what law is a scout truly bound? The scout endures the lonely, distant paths, scanning, mapping, exploring, observing, adapting to the environment around it. Guided by a primal, genetic intuition and harmony, the scout lives open to disappear into foliage, to hunt,

to unearth and learn.

A scout is reverent to the land around it, but not to a deity first. Natural harmony requires reverence of hallowed ground and local lore, but the scout remains unaffiliated, unspoiled and open. It must objectively survey, serendipitously traverse and converse first with the Earth and its creatures. A ranger is not afraid of the dark, nor angles too quickly toward light. It does not prance, nor prattle, but makes measured way through the thick of the species.

It pays allegiance to the people, yet ever defends the crawling edges of the ravenous and the greedy that know no balance. It scopes the shadows, understanding, shifting, redrawing the lines when necessary. It holds the ecosystem as self-evident,

and pure. No myth required for orientation, no gift or tribute indentured for navigation.

Raise two fingers for strength and accuracy. Hold your breath and draw back the fletchery. Live for benevolence, abide natural law. For truth, it endlessly wanders; for proof and principle,

Scout’s honor.

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