S.E.R.E. Acronym Defined: “Sentient”

S.E.R.E. Acronym Defined: “Sentient”

Often, I am questioned regarding the pseudonym and brand Artemis Sere. A variety of future blogs will cover this subject in creative detail, from what the means on a macro to micro context and what it means philosophically. Sere is actually an acronym (S.E.R.E), which stands for “Sentient.Evident.Resident.Evolutionist”. It is a philosophy and life-stance, much like my commitment to Secular Transhumanism. It guides my creative scope and directs my voice and understanding. Concepted in 2007, it was originally “Seer”, but changed shortly after concept because I didn’t want to infer metaphysical capability.

The legendary Mothman is not psychic; from it’s elevated place, it sees the future faster than we. The charge of the SERE is to look further, beyond, of wider and broader patterns, connecting the quantum with the celestisal.
‘Subjective perceptual experiences’ power the engine of this creator. The most effective and productive artists find a way to strike a balance between reason and sensation, betwixt the complexity of logic and the chaotic realms of emotion and feelings. I’ve found the most manageable balance in the relational studies of art and science, as Da Vinci achieved hundreds of years ago. I would not dare compare myself to the genius of Da Vinci, but I believe his path to be the best possible in context of evolution of our species.
To achieve this one must exist outside circles and systems, observing the interconnectedness of all, yet respecting the uniqueness of each. In dedication to perceptive detail, one finds the threads that bind each of us.
Savage creatures, the homo sapien, 40 generations into a concept called “civilized”. The truth of it all is that we’ve turned and tuned our creative wavelengths in ways to manipulate and lie to each other. Mainstream anything is a homogenized product, perfected to appease a mass audience. Faith is no different, with power centralized to a Sauron-like spire in the West, always Seeing, always expanding its reach.
The first letter of the acronym S of S.E.R.E. stands for “Sentient” or “Sentience”, a commitment to scouting a position outside of the common circles, to watch with keen eyes the rugged movements of our imperfect people. Such efforts are not completely successful unless societal and environmental integrationis achieved; thus, the SERE must maintain a participatory coexistence with subject, and the deep feelings and experiences that result from this equilibrium.
Sentience serves in opposition to the R of the acronym, ‘Resident’, which calls the SERE to be actively engaged, awake and participatory in the circles around him/her.

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