S.E.R.E. Acronym Defined: “Evident”

They call me superfluous. Arrogant. Self important, self-centered. Eccentric. Judgments all, by people with little proof that they’re alive. Vicarious living is not a personal existence; it’s accepted voyeurism, passive and disconnected experience that we pass off as our own.
We flip the channels and cycle through characters and identities, liars and constructed lives, manufactured realities and plastic visages. We drain our resources to look like dolls and mannequins, follow the leaders as lemmings toward divisive ends.
We keep our secrets locked behind passwords and PINs, walls built of fear gilded by irony and false measures.
We live stashed away, our truth hidden from sight.
“Evident” living is the second concept of the S.E.R.E. acronym. Transparency. Truth. Evidentiary presence and purpose.

Ten ways you can be more evident.
1. Count the number of lies you tell in a day, and keep track in a journal. Aim for a reduction in quantity first, leaving quality for when your count is down to a workable number. The fewer little lies you tell, the less burdensome your world.

2. Align yourself with honest, free-thinking people. Your best friends are those that can call out your lies, and help you work through them.

3. Collect your truths, and question the validity of them based on the “Do unto others” principle. Hypocrisy is worse than false integrity.

4. Turn off the programming around you, and listen to the unpolluted voice within.

5. Empathize and sympathize more. Diminish your hate, and replace it with love.

6. Acknowledge and find equilibrium with your darkness. We are each refined beasts, few generations from primitive.

7. Be the ghost. Transparency is a necessity for a happy life, and we should not cling to material things. Be ethereal, at one with the wind.

8. Hold yourself visibly and vocally accountable. The worst secret is an apology never whispered.

9. Know thyself, and continually test the breaking points and failing points of your existence.

10. Provide evidence of your existence. Words are just words; actions are the only approachable truth.

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