Reflections of 2012: The Edge of Anew

Reflections of 2012: The Edge of Anew

2012 was a year of growth for me, but also a year of drifting further away from paved roads and common airs. It was a year of tangible, marked evolution, and a year of gaining stability, getting fat and growing my hair out, and gracefully meeting every challenge with measured stress and unshakable confidence.

It was the year that I owned up to the reality that I have nothing left to lose.

I observed 12.12.12 12:12:12, my 39th birthday, with renewed purpose and mostly solitary observance. It was the year that I turned away from the holidays of common civilization, and worked to make my own.

It was a year of commitments, and artistic camaraderie, of rising to meet the goals of Circle36 and previous projects, and of production at an unfamiliar level.  It was a year of professional success and development, of accepting what needed to be done to excel, putting achievement before life.

It was the year I became fascinated with Quantum Physics and alternate answers, opened my creativity to a larger landscape and color spectrum. It was the year that I accepted Transhumanism as a personal path, and began an online conversation over Facebook via a Secular Transhumanism page.

It was the year that I reached a social media Klout score equal to celebrities. It was also the year that I sold my social media presence out for the sake of increasing audience and engagement, took on content curation and sharing. I evolved my blog and website, connected all of my social media presences by the common brands of Artemis Sere and Set In Bone. In February, I discovered Instagram, and that space has pushed me to reconcept many of my previous works through different lenses and filters and approaches, advancing my own creative craft.

I have many people to thank for the greatness of my year, and conversely, I have many people to name for the valleys of 2012. I know I was the digger of most of the pits of my year. But this isn’t about the effigy, as I have come to prefer the tabula rasa approach. Erase the board and move on to the next story problem.

Life is a constant struggle, and I must remain vigilant.

The future isn’t about partnerships or unity, though both are necessary for human sanity; it’s about steps toward a lasting and memorable story, whomever I am lucky enough to share it with. The characters consistently change. The true and necessary ones make themselves known to my orbit, and apply their own gravitational force to our connection.

It was a year of violence. Of super storms and misguided murderers.

Of an apocalypse averted, and the next in the works.

For the first complete year in many, I felt physically well and good. Fat, healthy and sturdy. I paid off lots of bills from my dead years, and took some amazing trips, imprinted some sweet memories.

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