Reason, Season, Lifetime

They say there’s three “categorizations” for people that enter your world as friends. I suppose it applies no matter what the romantic connection involved.

In it for a reason.  In it for a season. In it for a lifetime.

It is so sadly true. And no matter what you personally do, you can’t completely influence that outcome. A person decides for you where you belong in that bracketing. I think it happens very early on; people just know where they’re going to put you in their lives.

Unfortunately, the sound friendships only can be found with members of the last and rarest category.  The lifers, the dedicated and down-for-the-fight-of-your-lives-no-matter-what-the-odds friends.They are truly hard to find, those people that hold you as highly as you hold them.

It’s the other two categories that cause the most chaos and stress. Transient friends do the most damage to your life, because you offer a rare level of trust to them without any guarantee they’ll greet you at the halfway point with a smile and a handshake. We wade into the chill waters of doubt and hope for the best.

A happy ending is not guaranteed. Friendships die, just as people do.  The truly transient friends, the ones that last as a reason or for a reason in your life,

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