Paper Faith

Tim Tebow set a Twitter record. I read the headline, but I have no interest in the article. People want to believe in him. Hell, people have to believe in something. If soldiers aren’t dominating a prone and lesser enemy, at least have a QB find his way to ironic dominance.

Who are we? What is our identity now?  Santorum preaches ultraconservative, God-must-rule-your-days bullshit. Obama appeases and displeases with every action.  Romney is a Mormon, and fully believes that you should have as many wives as pets (truly, no one should have more than one wife; the contrary is circular madness). Our leaders use faith for paper profit, spin a doomfilled future as much as any dimestore prophet.  America is the land of the spin, home of the crave.
What myth do you believe in?  The myth of perfect.  The myth of ownership.  The myth of governorship.
The myth of money.
We all have our sucker punch, the thing that hits us in the gut, brutal and foundational.  It determines us.  Undermines us.  Belies the evolution of us.
Faith looks good on paper, but in the final accounting, the myth seems too powerful and distractive. What happened to the faith in humanity, above all else? What happened to the confirmation of this race, the empowerment of the living?
Why do we check our responsibility and control to the hands of someone that has no power over our day to day operations? Regardless of all the pulp fiction and pulpit diction, there is no proof.  There is no answer.  There is no truth but human.
Choose your side. The words were created to push you to one.  Or the other.  Unless you’re discerning enough to search for the correct questions. 
Don’t give in to the flimsy.  You are the answer.  And the question.
We don’t need pulp to guide us; we need us to strain the pulp.
Be the strainer. Stronger. Firmer. 
More porous than pious. 
The less we retain, the more human we remain.

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