Octaves and the Octave Collection

The Show
Last January I undertook the painstaking task of inventorying, categorizing, pricing and labeling the fine art that I’ve created. It truly was a labor of love and took the majority of my scheduled vacation from work. Sadly, I was only able to get part of the way through, but Im proud to report that my final catalog count was over 215 pieces — and those are just my canvas-painted acrylic creations. When I include my digital, photography, posters, inks, watercolors, chalks and other artistic conjurations, my total collection number could easily triple.
I think it is an impressive number for someone that didn’t go to art school, is not an art professional and has no formal art training. I do this because I love it, but I also do it because I believe in the ability to tell a dynamic story with pictures.
Slight verbal context. Abstract narrative framing. Surreal character exposition.
A story flown through confined streams of stark images and words
The Flow
While cataloging my pieces, I became challenged by presenting my mass quantity in logical and coherent scale. A picture on my wall carries a story of its own, but has greater importance when viewed as part of a concept-oriented collective. Some collections are aligned to subplots of my stories, to environments and atmospheres I created in support of the development of characters or creative themes, to nightmare worlds and surreal scenarios, or to memories of this broken human. 
Ultimately, the collections help bind tides together and create dreamscape of mystic, mythic, sometimes minimalist and sometimes epic proportions.
To do this, I am returning to my common pattern, the number that weaves through many of creations or creative structures: 8.

The Octave

I developed groups of visual content called “Octaves”. An octave is most common in music, but is used in this case to represent a group of 8 Sere creations that are united by a theme, a story, a style or visual plotline.
They vary in design and medium, but are always grouped in an intentional collection of eight fine art pieces.
The Octave Collection
It is my intention to find places to display Octave Collections, or rent them to interested parties for business or personal decor. 
For those individuals interested in prints, all pieces will be housed in my portfolio at artemissere.deviantart.com. High quality prints of individual pieces can be ordered from this site.
Blog post listing existing Octaves (and the individual pieces that complete an Octave Collection) coming soon.
What’s Next

Completion of Blog Stories for all existing Octaves. Planning and creation of new Octaves. Development of Octavation, side business dedicated to promotion, rental and install of Octaves in homes and businesses around the world.

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