leftpathred series

leftpathred series
he believed he descended from Icarus, his arms meant for feathers, his span built for flight. he longed to soar into the fiery skies and ride the tides of wind to a different distant world. through science and surgery, and with macabre and deranged tools, he fashioned himself a into blackbird.  
but he discovered that monsters pay a heavy price: those humans that leave the right path of light and civilization for the longitudinal path of darkness and mutation never find their way back.  they become lost and left for dead, wild and forgotten
on the leftpathred.
central colors: slate, black, white, red, sunset, fire, crimson
central theme: abstract, surrealist visions of off-path horror and decay and disconnection
styles: 16×20 canvas, dyed with black and red ink, acrylic overpainting; 
details: will include three transitional versions (dye, acrylic and digital) of each piece; series of 8, each illustrating a different story with different central images; will attempt to paint with left hand as much as possible.

(pieces to be included here as completed)
1. into the still
Central imagery: black silhouettes of branches and a central tree atop a sky of fire
2. the stalker’s sentence
Central imagery: silhouettes of falling leaves, migrating blackbirds
3. dismembermental design
Central imagery: abstract dissected blackbird
4. the fool’s toolbox
Central imagery: bloody tools of dissection, implements of carnage and surgery
5. leftpathred
Central imagery: hands, bound and bloodied, responsible for the murder, branches into bloodies veins

base layer

6. anatomie
Central imagery: shots of human anatomy diagrams and a blackbird diagram
7. dirge for the savage surgeon
Central imagery: visions of surgery, sutures, scars, stitches, carnage
8. as the curses merge
Central imagery: branches, arteries, blood, bone, and a wicked hybrid of blackbird and surgeon, mutation, metamorphosis

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