The Imagineer’s New Clothes

Welcome to the new digital Keep for Seretic Studios. Whether this is your first exposure to the Art of Artemis Sere, or you’re a long-time fan of my multivarious madness, I hope you dig what you see and decide to stay a while, subscribe and participate in my art in this platform and all its adjoining social spaces.

I’m happy that you’re here, and value your interest in my work.

Within these walls and wardrobes, you’ll find information on my artistic philosophy, endeavors, and products, in colorful exposition and sordid detail. This brand stands for evolution, down to its minute fibers and brushstrokes and bleeds.

Sometimes, that stance is hopeful and helpful: sometimes, bitter and combative. In the end, I promise that you will think, feel, and move.

The S.E.R.E. doesn’t stand still for long.

Move Human, Move

Life is a cycle of constant attrition and movement, trust and tempest. Change is the only true constant.

My art attempts to capture life and light in its shades of decay, imperfect and incomplete, shadows and echoes of better times, brighter lives and radioactive signs of human time. It is filled with monsters and myths, horrors and hells.

It often built to elicit passionate emotional response and engagement. It can sometimes be obtuse and vague, and is often designed to put you in a position of interactive observer.

It is constructed to make you move, change your mind, push you to evolve.

Hallways of Heathen

Seretic Studios (named “Seerum Studios” when I created the concept in 2006) is the incorporation and unification of many of my efforts of the last decade. This site is the foundation for a larger Art landscape, and the office, storefront, library and wardrobe to the company Seretic Studios.

Within this Keep’s walls you will find:

  • S.E.R.E history, genealogy, practice and philosophy #sere #seretic
  • The Artrovert Blog – home for all of my previous and future blog content – rebranded, repositioned and polished with the #Artrovert concept
  • Antithesis Pressmy publishing arm and efforts, with links to my published works and information about future projects. #antithesis
  • The Serenity Galleryexamples, links and information about my visual art and the full gallery, Octaves and Octavation. #Octave #Octavationot
  • SereFire Candlesinformation about my candlemaking efforts, including links to purchasing my #arthearth and candle products

Building the Keep

I call this place “Wraithskeep”, and will refer to it as a Keep often. It is the stronghold that protects and houses my greatest asset: my content, the vibrant array of threads I spin and wear as an artist. I am it’s primary proprietor, sentient soul, committed curator, cautious constructor, intimate imagineer and meticulous tailor.

In a sense I built this place, loaded up the truck with all of my precious creations and clothes, and moved them into the garage. I’m still unpacking my extensive catalog into this experience. I have hundreds of thousands of photos, thousands of pieces of digital art, and hundreds of fine art pieces that need a stable place to be seen.

This is that scapegraced place. For you, and for me.

My life and my art are in a state of dynamic flux, and so is this site and the content within these walls. My clothes may seem a bit dishelved and disarrayed, but there is a method to my ordered chaos. Please enjoy my Art, and contact me if you have any questions, interest in purchasing my stuff or deep thoughts.

Do me a huge favor and drop a comment on a post if you’ve got a free second, and share the content from this site if you find value in it. I love engaging with my audience, and supporting other artists.

Come back soon.

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