Draft Table of Contents for “The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book 3: The Skeleton Men”

the bonesetter’s revenge, book3
“the skeleton men”
first draft table of contents

Step7_The Bloodletting of Heaven
1. The Obedient Butler
2. The Cracked Paladin
3. The Man-At-Arms
4. The Sunken Queen
5. The Chambermaid
6. The Damned Fool
7. The Fractured Prince
8. The Vexed Vizier

Step8_The Skylight Eyes
9. The Keymaster
10. The Illusionist
11. The Imagineer
12. The Dark Oracle
13. The Star Architect
14. The Soul Collector
15. The Living Sacrifice
16. The Quixotic
Step9_The Bitter Asylum
17. The Miser
18. The Fallen Emporer
19. The Motley Dead
20. The Gravedigger
21. The Withersome Sloth
22. The Doomsayer
23. The Crimson Reaver
24. The Caste Away

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