Death of the Selfie

It’s been months since I got in front of a lens, snapped a pic of myself and shared it over social media. Affectionately known as “the Selfie”, it was the staple of my social identity for years. I’ve got thousands of shots of myself posted across various social media sites. I’ve been on Facebook for over ten years now, MySpace even longer, and I was once a solid contributor to the popular trend.

I once believed people cared about the face behind the brand, that the life of an artist was as engaging as the Art itself. I filled my feed with shots of me in different poses, a variety of smiles and styles and locations, beaming and bodacious and bouncy. The lighter side of this dire craft.

Gone Dark

But I no longer believe that.

In time, I discovered the value of my feed and the audience I speak to. I’ve only got so much time on this pale blue dot, and so much attention of those people that appreciate my content. Commitment to the S.E.R.E. philosophy required more than a picture reel of selfish shots.

It required action, and a redirection of focus.

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