Artemis Sere’s Netherwhere Gallery Show at SAVOR Art Showcase

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Second Gallery Show of the Year of the Sere I am privileged to have been invited to participate in an event that showcases local Twin Cities artists. The event is coordinated by an arts organization named RAW. The showcase will take place at The Pourhouse in Minneapolis on October 18,…

Artemis Sere’s Serenity Gallery Fine Art Inventory (2/2016)

Artemis Sere’s Serenity GalleryFine Art InventoryVersion 1: Blog list created (2/2016)Version 2: Will update with links to shots from the Gallery from various social spaces. (TBD) Item Number Octave Set Gallery ID Media Title 0001 001 Acrylic Psychic Tresspassenger 0002 010 Acrylic Seeing in Tongues 0003 010 Acrylic Waterlines 0004…

Artemis Sere’s Creative Objectives (2014)

Artemis Sere’s Creative Objectives (2014) These are projects that I am targeting for completion and launch in 2014. Some of these targets were carried over from the year before due to re prioritization or scheduling issues. Some of these projects are still being fleshed out, and project details being finalized….