caste away

caste away
from “Xenomorphine (The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book2)”
copyright 2012 artemis Sere
I suppose 
these things happen
as a natural course of evolution
of a species with bloody roots
and murderous mechanics
our innocence stripped away
on the conveyor belt of arrogance
re-purposed as component parts
for automated, dumbed-down avarice
progress printed in blood
and inked on bruised currency
with the faces of our fallen idols
who won our favor through supremacy
and victory, vengeance and
a violence-pressed history
I suppose 
these things happen
when death is our way of life
when chemtrails are our cover
and drones our nightlights
when lullabies are substituted
by elegies and laughter
when division is the constant
of happily ever after
when wands and staves
are exchanged for rockets 
and slaves
and tiaras and innocence 
are traded on a wall-
streeted stage.
I suppose
these things happen
when bottom lines
become top of mind
when lies become a civilized
and celebrated reality
when existence is surrendered
to mythic authority
when apathy becomes
our captive laws
we pray to supposed gods
to forgive our
natural flaws

so call the witch to counsel
to save the ones gone
end the curse that has befallen us
and bless this caste

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