Cacophony: Dissonance of Serenity

Cacophony: Dissonance of Serenity

Who knows where the voices came from initially. The past. The future. Genetic echoes of a life once lived. Hauntings of a grimmer time. The netherside. Once I acknowledged the silent whisperings from the darker corners, they multiplied, harmonized, and plasticized in pencil and pixel, paint and poetry.

Voices became faces, faces became characters, and characters became ghosts — from a different place, and of the stranger inside.

“Cacophony” is a coffee-table book of some of my best art in full color, 8×10 glory, remixed and re-purposed as the effigies of my “Skeleton Men” antagonist, Aelister Aghast. “Cacophony” works as a character sketch, as well as a colorful mindtrip across the burning landscape of the fictional realm of Oblivion. It is strange, unique, authentic, genuine, dark, sometimes diabolical and sometimes frightful. It is available now for order on

This project was originally planned as a gallery show of my digital art, paintings, photography, effigies and remixes from my Serenity Gallery and other sources. Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to logistical issues. Instead of shutting down the concept, I captured the gallery show and adjoining story in a book, which is connected to my 4th book coming in December, “The Skeleton Men”.

Why a physical book instead of a digital experience? They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, I bring that wisdom to life. I make books for people who still appreciate the book experience — filled with provocative imagery and vibrant content. My books are intricate visual works of art, not just text panels that can be scanned and consumed by the reader on a flat-panel screen. “Cacophony” will eventually be available via digital format, but much will be lost in the translation between tangible and virtual, and I believe fans of my work will value the rich experience of this book.

While “Cacophony” is aimed at the Sere Art enthusiast and discerning collector, I hope all those who appreciate mixed media art will order a copy. Due to the high cost of printing a full-color photo book, the piece is the most expensive creation in the Sere library; it is certainly an investment. With that in mind, “Cacophony” is “Made To Order/Print” from Blurb; I will not have copies on-hand for sale.

So, if you’ve got a free minute or two, check out a Preview of my piece via the link below. If you’re so inclined, buy a copy. It is the coolest thing I’ve ever produced, and I’m greatly proud of it. 

Book link:

Attached are photographs of and excerpts from the book. If you’d like more examples of the piece, check out the following social media spaces:

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“Cacophony: Dissonance of Serenity” Front Cover
“Cacophony: Dissonance of Serenity”
“Cacophony: Dissonance of Serenity” Title Page

EFFIGYXXIX: The Scarlet Crown, from “Cacophony: Dissonance of Serenity”

EFFIGYXLIX: The Tesseract, from “Cacophony: Dissonance of Serenity”

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