Year of Serenity Blog Series

For the past several years, I have observed an overall theme reflected by a hashtag. This theme and tag serves as the herald for events, positions, transitions, undercurrents and content that are my focus for the year.

It began in 2017 with the tenth anniversary of the Artemis Sere concept, brand and art via the #yearoftheSere tag.

It continued in 2018 with an exploration into the Sere philosophy and life practice with #yearoftheSeretic.

It continued in 2019 with my adventure into art-first existence and living the Artrovert idea via #yearoftheArtrovert.

And in 2020, I charted a course to personal civility, connection, and community with the #yearofCivility.

2021 is my #yearofSerenity. Follow along with this exciting content campaign that highlights my Serenity Gallery every day as I share pieces from the Gallery and "Echoprism Volumes 1 & 2" in social media. Find my social links in the footer of this website.

For more information on the campaign itself, check out my blog on the subject. 

This page will adapt over time to capture the weekly "Flight Highlights" and other pertinent info relative to the #yearofSerenity.  A "Flight" is a synopsis that covers all Gallery content shared during the week, and will be shared during the following week as a recap.

Thanks for being part of this exciting adventure!

Flight 1
(1/1 - 1/9)

Flight 2
(1/11 - 1/16)

Flight 3
(1/18 - 1/23)

Flight 4
(1/25 - 1/30)

Flight 5
(2/1 - 2/6)

Flight 6
(2/8 - 2/13)

Flight 7
(2/15 - 2/20)

Flight 8
(2/22 - 2/27)

Flight 9
(3/1 - 3/6)

Flight 10
(3/8 - 3/13)

Flight 11
(3/15 - 3/20)

Flight 12
(3/22 - 3/27)

Flight 13
(3/29 - 4/3)


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