Xoterica Blog Series

exoteric[ ek-suh-ter-ik ]


      • suitable for or communicated to the general public.
      • not belonging, limited, or pertaining to the inner or select circle, as of disciples or intimates.
      • popular; simple; commonplace.
        pertaining to the outside; exterior;
      • external

I created the "XOTERICA" blog series to give me a discussion platform where I could be as open, raw, and active as I wanted to be. 

Started in 2017, I initiated it in response to angry feelings I had bottled up involving the political, social, and economic climate across the world.  My blogs cover a variety of personal and informational topics, but "XOTERICA" was developed to be my sharpest edge.

My unquestionable truth. My undeniable realities. The man behind the artistic masks.

I hope you enjoy this blog series. Drop a comment and engage with me.


1: The spark

I'm hoping a re-dedication to blogging will get me back on the path.

2: The WHEEL

Own your hours. It's catchy wisdom but difficult in practice.

3: The GUST

I awoke to the howl of winds this morning. Appropriate background noise for my life these days.

4: The BUZZ

These #xoterica blogs will highlight what I'm listening to.

5: The ApEX

I often wonder if Sisyphus stopped to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. 

6: The LOST

I wrote the following during a trip to Las Vegas in 2011. 

7: The Seretic

Odd info generated by a generic naming website (site listed at the end of this blog).

8: The allhallows

Halloween is a time of celebration. Depending on your view of the holiday, you probably celebrate it differently than I do.

9: The flow

As a future trend for this series, I will highlight quotes from one of my idols and primary sources of inspiration, the legendary Bruce Lee.

10: (LOCKED)


11: The Fade

I celebrated my 44th birthday this week on December 12th. Since you’re wondering, yes, I did have a great day off.


I have strayed from the true purpose of this platform — highlight the continuing story of the life and art of Artemis Sere.

13: The tell

2018 has been turbulent year for me personally and professionally. At times, it has been a difficult ride. 

14: The fracture

A schism happened today: a choice between continued pain and suffering or extraction of the troubled branch.

15: The demagogue

We are the ones that have allowed the building of Trumpian behemoths. The oligarchies. The monarchies.

16: The fog

Death ends all lectures, silences wisdom, and enforces acquiescence.

17: The disclaimer

I want to be clear about the pillars on which I stand, as my philosophies, beliefs, and stances influence my content.

18: The disharmony

The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Half-life is the curse of the alive.

19: The phoenix

The furnace of the Universe swallows each of us - feathers, fortune, and all. Eventually.

20: The ripple

I've reached the peaks of what's possible, and from that height I dove without a secure chute. Wingless. Cableless. Clueless.

21: The why

Freedom has allowed me to dig into the artist that I became over the last ten years.

22: (LOCKED)


23: The forty-six

After 365 days of rising and falling during my 45th year, I awoke to a headache and incessant snow on my 46th birthday.

24: The shift

2019, by all accounts, was my darkest year. Death of a family member trumps any previous dark spell.

25: The Demons

Reinventing yourself is an uncomfortable scrum that some don’t survive.

26: The still

"Echoprism (Volume 1)" is the fourth release from the publishing arm of Seretic Studios, Antithesis Press.

27: The exit

The exit reflects my present paradox: I am not who I want to be, but do not know who I am beyond this voice.

28: The dark age

Our comfortable cores are changing.

29: The sickness

 I'm sick of being sick. Sick of being cooped up. Sick of the coughs, the doldrums and the unknowns. Sick of relying on social programs to keep me afloat.

30: The chase

The fires of change roar mightily and severely ahead of the first debate in our election cycle, pitting the King against our best current option for counterbalance.

31: The bully

America is on the precipice of unravelling. Donald Trump does not have the best interest of the American citizenry on his mind, and is not to be trusted.

32: The Mask

In an age when viruses rule the planet, we don't need walls to define a country's borders; we need shields that stand between each of us.

33: The EDGE

Love keeps us from reaching the cliff; care keeps our lives from careening out of control into a freefall with an inevitable crash. 


My fading and unfamiliar kanji feels like an ironic marker, a cryptic clock frozen in time.


These days, the talent show is overwhelmed by automated propaganda machines and feed manipulation engines.

36: The Breathless

Blessing or curse, my commitment to art has not come without painful consequences and unhealthy sacrifices.

37: The ReBIRTH

I have become stronger as an artist, creator, and marketer through failure. But I'm not done, and I'm not giving up nor going away. 

38: The SPLINTER (Part 1)

This two-part blog details the last three weeks of my life since my injury. It includes some graphic pictures from the event.

39: The SPLINTER (Part 2)

This two-part blog details the last three weeks of my life since my injury. It includes some graphic pictures from the event.

40: The SECRET

Our nation would be a chiller place altogether if weed was broadly legal and accepted, allowed to exist as a viable party alternative to alcohol and appreciated for its healing properties.

41: The Equidistant

I will always advocate for evolution and progress, for human-supported laws and principles of diversity.

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