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COLLISION I laugh when I hear people praise God for the great things in their life, yet give the concept a pass when things aren’t so great. QB Rodgers will point to the sky when he connects with a receiver for a TD; curse his luck when a throw is intercepted by…

Xenomorphine Published!

XENOMORPHINE PUBLISHED! I’ve blustered about this book here for some time now. Well, the time has arrived. “Xenomorphine” is now available for purchase (and soon, download) at, released 1/15/2013. It will be available via in the coming weeks. I would thank each of you individually for your support…


floatlessby artemis sere O howunhingedwe happily beour splintered plankand fractured bracketspulled uncarefullyand chaoticallyfrom framecollapsingunder shame’s weightinto busted timberand blustered woodleft to warp and rotweathered and uselessalone and floatless