Artemis Sere’s Ten Best Albums of 2012

I love these albums, each and every one, for very different reasons. This isn’t trendy stuff, or anti-trendy recommendations. These are the albums that I couldn’t stop listening to this year, where I found my interest constantly circling back to these artists and albums at some point in the year. This was a year of musical evolution for me. Blame it on Korn, if you want; last year’s “The Path of Totality” sent me packing in a different musical direction, away from the common metallurgy that I was accustomed to. 
And, boy, am I glad that I took the trip. Dubstep. Crunkstep. Glitchstep. Bassnectar. Bare. Excision. J Devil. Messinian. Zomboy. Whatever you want to call it. I dug it, hardcore. A trip to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami last March probably cemented my love of it. This music is alive, popping with electricity and human energy, providing depth to an otherwise mundane thump. This fun spin of nuevo techno was something that expanded my own creativity, got me thinking in different directions and appreciating other styles.  This list will reflect this year of adventure and change.  Many of you may not know these artists, but I implore you to try them. There are three “metal” bands on this list, which is a vast departure for me. I’m typically more “metal heavy”; this year was a departure, of sorts, but I discovered some great artists. The rest are an electic mix of techno, electronica, dubstep, atmospheric glitchstep, and cornucopia of many other styles.
My favorite find this year was an artist by the name of Liquid Stranger. By far, his catalog captured my imagination and got my physical and creative juices flowin’ throughout the year. Martin Woods of Chillbase describes Liquid Stranger’s music as a “unique blend of Ambience, Big Band Jazz, Dubstep and Psychedelica drizzled over electronic Dub Reggae grooves.” (Wikipedia)
That’s me in a nutshell:  one tripped out mix of chaos, color and madness. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I guess. 8)  Please give these albums and/or artists a spin.

10. Outside the Murder- Indoctrination

9.   Datsik – Vitamin D

8.   Dead Can Dance – Anastasis

7.   Liquid Stranger – Cryogenic Encounters

6.   Knife Party – Rage Valley EP

5.   Everything Goes Cold – The Tyrant Sun

4.   In This Moment-Blood

3.   Lamb of God – Resolution

2.   Bassnectar – Vava Voom

1.   Saltillo – Monocyte

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