Artemis Sere’s Daily Thirteen (20130108)

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1. “Xenomorphine (The Bonesetter’s Revenge, Book 2) releases a week from today. I am excited by that, and really should be more. Unfortunately, I’m in way too many music orbits that don’t flock to written and visual art as they do bands or musicians. I lack too few passionate fans of my work. And, sadly, that number vacillates too much. I just don’t know how to maintain an artistic brand without trying to connect with people at the same time; I think the process is pretty balanced these days. People want to have “conversations” with their brands, make them heroes, wear them, like them, promote them, show them in most ways they can, everything from their water bottles to their type of shoe. Yet, people can’t seem to have an equal passion when it comes to art. The mainstream medias capture millions of eyes of this country; it’s hard to steer interest elsewhere when you’re an insignificant brand trying to stabilize yourself in a world that could care less unless you bleed.

2.  Corporations won’t let America crash, but it will let it slide out of it’s spot at the top of the power chain. To many in the USA, that is equal to a crash. There’s nothing wrong with being #2. Perhaps America needs to consider such a placement as a positive step backwards, while the country convulses with the breadth of change it will deliver. Sometimes, you need to allow yourself to take two steps backwards in order to step strongly forward again. America’s smart enough to strategize how to reclaim the helm, but it would require a level of change unfamiliar here.
3.  Sludge sinks, scum floats

4.  “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” (da Vinci)
5.  I was emailed the lineup for Ultra 2013 today. It gave me pause for a second. Last year’s trip to Miami was awesome, and one of my greatest and most life-defining experiences. But I don’t want to do the show alone again, and there’s no one in my orbit to coordinate a trip with. I feel like I should be bummed by that, but I’m not. I’m thinking of it as my internal map echoing “Redirecting Route” as a new course is plotted. That’s the life I should strive to live, I suppose, as a single person with no family of my own. I should take it as a call to build new experiences. And, global ones. I’m thinking Colorodo later this year, and hopefully a cruise at the end of this year. But 2014…  we go global.  Hopefully, successful artistic projects will give me extra rocket boost towards that goal.
6.  We need to turn “hope” into “certainty”.
7.  This piece is called “Razorjaw”. It is a piece of graphic art I designed off of the inside of a tanning booth. I spend a great deal of time tanning (save your sermon), and love the look and feel of the inside of a tanning booth. The ultraviolet colors. The metals. The pure light. This piece, however, is pretty damn violent.
8.  Not a fan of Alex Jones or anymore. I don’t think Piers Morgan is advocating that we have American guns taken away completely, and I think he’s performing a valuable service in showing a mirror to the current American culture, leading the other side of the discussion. Unfortunately, fear rules.
9.  I think tundra hats are ugly. I suppose they’re functional, but why someone would choose to wear one in less than tundra temperatures is beyond me.
10. ‘Sere’ is an acronym.
11. Some people wonder if Biotin really works as a hair and nail growth influencer, and I would say confidently yes, so long as you have the ability to grow those things  It won’t help regrow hair or nails, but it will help it grow faster or give it strength. I’ve used it for extended periods of time over the last couple years and saw benefits from its use.
12. Life as an artist is endless and tiring work. Too bad I’m stuck with black coffee. Gotta remember that I need these skills for the long-term, not short. Overweight and diabetic will limit my window of production. I don’t want to get there.
13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 8 Complete

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