Artemis Sere’s Daily Thirteen (20130106)

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1.  I can see an adaptation of my story concept “The Bad Man” on the big screen or as a series. Wizardpriests and the Wild Wild West could be a fun, entertaining combination. I wish I had more time to flesh it out.

2.  Keep moving forward.
3.  Ink moves quick. The goal is not to control ink, but provide definition into which it can flow. As Bruce said, “Be like water”.
4.  Decided to chop and color the mop ahead of seasonal schedule. I’m not sure if it’s perception or reality, but I’ve grown weary with trying to grow my hair out again. This may be a topic that I will blog on in the future. A vain, selfish topic, to be sure, but I’m alarmed at the perceptions that males have of professional peers with “hair”. Just silly. At least I got a photo shoot out of this length.
5.  Madness without method is unproductive.
6.  I need to start running in Spring, and Jeff said he’ll run with me. I want to pull that into my orbit this year, see what happens if I become a runner. I’ve never been one, and I’m a bit intrigued by having that in my life as something I can do well.  Maybe for a 5k or 10k race. I don’t know. I manage my workout schedule well at L.A. Fitness right now, and I’m able to Stairmaster for an hour at some pretty high levels while writing, but actual running isn’t something I’ve done in a long time. Not since my Soccer era.  Methinks I should give that a shot again.  May help the Artemis Engine.
7.  I have no idols. I have influences, but no idols. My influences will be apparent by who I quote in these Dailies. There’s no need to list them now.
8.  The piece of art above is called “The Beholder (Indigo Remix)”. It was originally a painting of a rose that I did and digitally tweaked into a monster. In gaming realms, a “Beholder” is a big floating eye with many eye stalks that have magic powers. It is a fearsome creature, one to fear. I have tweaked this version of it many times to the version it is now, each treatment an evolution of the original subject. 
9.  My mood ring color is presently bright blue, which means I am relaxed.
10. I was ousted from being the Mayor of Sparta on Foursquare today. Some dude named Gavin. I don’t plan to fight his coup. I suppose it’s a bit laughable that I ever cared that I was the Foursquare Mayor of a town that I only spent 4 years living in.
11. Honestly, there aren’t many holidays that affect me anymore. I do love my traditional Christmas and Thanksgiving memories, but I don’t prefer to celebrate them how I once did. I was never a big fan of Easter. It usually meant In-Laws, dressing up and eating too much, regardless of whether or not I believed in the “spirit” of the holiday. I’ve never had much luck or fun on the Fourth of July or New Year’s, both traditional party event seasons. I suppose my fun has been long weekends of concerts over Memorial or Labor Day weekend. Most typically, those have been mine to own, without many past-life memories connected to them. But, no matter what, Valentine’s Day sucks. For some reason, I’m more single than taken at this time of year, and I tend to spend the Lover’s Day alone. It shouldn’t get to me, but, again, those past-life memories are hard to silence. The day once meant a great deal to me, when I was married, engaged, connected, and not this. But this is what it is, and I’m not dwelling on my current state of existence. 
12. For without focus, madness is the method.
13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 6 Complete

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