Artemis Sere’s Daily Thirteen (20130105)

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1.  Bad Man general concept: Had an amazingly productive meeting with my new collaborator, Jamey Olson. We agreed on some direction for a partnership, and set some preliminary goals of what we want to accomplish before he moves to Los Angeles in May. We are going to flesh out and adapt my concept, “The Bad Man” (TBM), for screenplay. TBM is an odd story involving modern graverobbers, an ancient priest and 1800s Wild Wild West. Hard to explain in this small space. I may elaborate on it more in the near future. As Jamey and I come closer to completing the concept, I’ll give updates. More to come.

2.  The stricken inherit the truth and the lie.
3.  Each is now rocket fuel for the next bloodletting of heaven.
4.  Let your words be your weapons, your characters be your warriors and your be stories your battlefields.
5.  Quit being the tourist and be the guide.
6.  “So neglect becomes our ally.”
7.  Let Art speak for you. “Sevas tra.”
8.  Where the simple of flock may not see beyond the prop, an Imagineer sees a propeller and invents a method of flight.
9.  I am at violent odds with a life and cause considered crazy by the common flock. The way I live is incongruent with the family orbit in which I was raised.
10. I often ask myself “What the hell am I doing here?” The answer changes in composition and structure over the years, but a common theme remains: artist. For better or worse, rich or poor, I am married to this. I do wish the crusade wasn’t so lonely, but the focused do not make such things a priority. I know there’s not enough time left for all I want to do and create.
11. Maybe a true artist does his/her best work under the struggle of limited resources, when the creative imagine ways to survive and other worlds in which to do it.
12. I get headaches and migraines from overworking and underhydrating my gray matter. Lots of headaches and aftershocks lately.
13. Black Coffee Commitment Day 5 Complete.

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