Artemis Sere’s Daily Thirteen (20130104)

1. Curation has become as powerful as creation; people need diversity of information sources and streams. This mass consumerism of information will rapidly evolve the species in a myriad of ways.

2.  Thank you, Anonymous, for upholding human justice, regardless of cause or curse. Human first.
3.  We need to reassess what the core competencies and advantages are for our creature and accept that we’re building machines to do some things better, like memorization and linguistic bridging. If we want to be saved as a race, we will need machines to bear equal weight and balance some human imperfections. Peace exists in the harmonic singularity of pixel, presence and passion.
4.  Enola reven.
5.  “The crack inside your heart is me.”
6.  Wear your pain as war paint.
7.  …we of tenebrous flight and furious might….
8.  I lie somewhere in between more than I am and less than I seem.
9.  Only you can smooth the sharp edges of your jagged self.
10. …creativity is the holiest of endeavors; it illuminates the obscure imperfections of our divine; cracks the tabula rasa in two..
11. Walk as if you are climbing earth.
12. Every mirror cracks eventually, fragmenting sanity into shards of imperfect reflection.
13. Black Coffee Comitment Day 4 Complete.

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